Emerging Disease Surveillance and Forecasting

Public health is essential to capturing and characterizing infectious disease surveillance. Detecting sudden changes in trends is a challenge for multiple established programs – such as those focused on influenza, HIV/AIDS, STIs, hepatitis, tuberculosis and foodborne illness – as well as for general analyses for other notable diseases. Data extraction processes are difficult and cumbersome, lack automation and require separate work from visualizing.

SAS Visual Analytics provides a single platform for managing your surveillance program, enabling you to:

  • Automate data extraction and cleaning processes, whether the data is within your agency or on a publicly accessible source.
  • Develop a surveillance report with metrics for detecting anomalies along with alerting capabilities.
  • Create forecasts for anticipating the impact of seasonal and other types of diseases on populations as well as health care resources.
  • Publish surveillance reports directly to your website with a single click or automatically as reports are updated.

SAS is committed to helping public health agencies achieve data modernization, regardless of agency size or population served. Reimagine your public health work in a single space, with one solution.

View SAS Visual Analytics Emerging Disease Surveillance and Forecasting interactive demo