Build trust in risk and compliance programs by connecting the enterprise.

Reduce firmwide risk by strengthening risk oversight. Build trust across your organization by proactively and systematically managing risk exposures.

Improve operational risk management, and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Our GRC management software consolidates information from all financial risk management systems, providing an enterprise view of your risk exposure throughout the risk management life cycle – from risk identification to assessment, monitoring, response and resolution. The solution maps your risk processes, controls, incidents and policies, enabling you to proactively identify issues, mitigate risk and ensure compliance. It also facilitates collaboration among risk managers, compliance officers and auditors – which reduces the chance of duplicate processes – and automates common GRC processes for continuous monitoring of controls, KRIs and risk exposures.

Make better, well-informed decisions.

Gain a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your potential compliance and risk exposures and obligations. With SAS Governance and Compliance Manager, you can easily view and explore connections among governance and compliance elements, integrate key performance and risk indicators, and monitor strategy execution to improve decision making. Control frameworks enable you to continually collect active feedback from risk experts, as well as business line and process managers, then use the feedback to improve your risk profile, process effectiveness and overall operational risk management.

Get fewer unpleasant surprises, and reduce your risk-related losses.

Our GRC management software's comprehensive alert engine gives you early warning of emerging operational risks and associated issues, and provides links to potential issue sources. The solution can help you define and monitor multiple action plans to ensure follow-up and resolution, from the initial capture of incidents to ongoing monitoring and resolution. You can capture and continuously monitor all governance- and compliance-related incidents and associated details. And learn from past losses by linking them with failed controls, causes, assessments and KRIs.


Gain a reliable, integrated view of all risk exposures and compliance obligations, facilitating collaboration across GRC and finance groups while automating manual processes to reduce costs.

Common repository

Consolidates information from all financial risk management systems, and provides an enterprise view of risk exposure throughout the risk management life cycle.

Visualization tools

Provides a rich library of visualization tools for management reporting, enabling easy identification and ongoing monitoring of critical risks.

Risk management

Supports common risk management stages, including identification, assessment, response and monitoring.

Policy management

Provides an end-to-end, configurable workflow for creating standardized, and an out-of-the-box web-based, self-service policy respondent capability.

Incident management

Captures and continuously monitors information from operational systems across the organization.

Audit management

Supports all key stages required by auditors to provide reliable assurance to stakeholders, and documents the details, scope, resources and schedule required for each audit.

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