SAS® Visual Analytics

Upptäck hur mycket värde du kan få med data discovery, oavsett budgetstorlek.

Glöm papper, kalkylblad och väntetider. Håll koll på din verksamhet med hjälp av interaktiva rapporter som snabbt ger dig svar på dina frågor och som ger värdefull insikt.

SAS Visual Analytics kombinerar visuell och intuitiv självbetjäning med snabb databehandling och avancerad visualisering – på ett enkelt sätt. Med detta verktyg har affärsanalytiker och andra yrkesgrupper betydligt större möjligheter att bygga rapporter och utforska data helt på egen hand. Detta ger i sin tur hela organisationen mer insikt och handlingskraft, samtidigt som tid frigörs för specialisterna på IT- och analysavdelningen.

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Banking Demo

Risk & Capital Management

Communications Demo

Wireless Call Quality

Education Demo

Student Enrollment

Government Demo

Motor Vehicle Fatalities

Insurance Demo

Risk & Profitability

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Patient Safety

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Asset Reliability & Integrity

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Revenue Optimization

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Smart Meter Management

What People Are Saying

Cosmo Bank

"This is an era of visualization, so we should provide ranking officers and board members with eye-catching tables and charts that help them quickly grasp the meaning of the data."

Telecom Italia

"We're very impressed in terms of the usability and flexibility – and time to market, too – of SAS Visual Analytics."


"In addition to the extra speed, we're also looking forward to new opportunities for data exploration and visualization."


SAS Visual Analytics
  • A single application for BI, data exploration and analytics. Lets you design and distribute BI reports and dashboards and explore data through interactive data visualization – all from within a single application.
  • Innovative visualization techniques. Provides advanced data visualization and guided analysis through autocharting, and offers an array of visualization techniques to present data and results in the most insightful way.
  • Collaboration and story-telling. Integrates with SAS Office Analytics to enable sharing of live, dynamic visualizations through familiar Microsoft Office and SharePoint applications.
  • Autocharting. Automatically picks the best graph, giving you a good starting point for exploration.
  • Powerful, easy-to-use analytics. Provides forecasting, goal seeking, scenario analysis, decision trees, path analysis and other analytic visualizations.

  • Text sentiment analysis. Provides insight into hot topics and determines whether the sentiments behind the topics are positive or negative.
  • Interactive dashboards and reports. Enables everyone to discover insights from any size and type of data.
  • Robust report design. Enables you to design reports once, then distribute and publish anywhere.
  • Integration with mapping technologies. Adds geospecific information to reports.
  • Mobile BI. Enables viewing, interaction and collaboration via dynamic reports and dashboards through native mobile BI apps for Apple® iOS and Android devices.
  • Flexible, scalable deployment options. Can be used on commodity hardware, on database appliances, or in a private, public or SAS Cloud.


SAS is a Leader in the Forrester Wave: Agile Business Intelligence Platforms, Q3 2014

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