Data Preparation

Self-service data preparation for analytics and reporting.

How SAS® Delivers Data Preparation

Access, cleanse, manage and prepare data for analytics via an intuitive interface – no coding or SQL skills required.

Easy point-and-click user interface

  • Provide a self-service data preparation environment that enables even nontechnical users to profile, cleanse, blend, wrangle and move data without specialized training.
  • Spend more time analyzing data and less time preparing it with point-and-click actions for critical functions – no coding or SQL skills required.

Strong focus on data quality

  • Keep data quality at the forefront – without having to write code – using data preparation tools with embedded data quality.
  • Create analytics-ready data with built-in functions, including profiling, casing, standardizing, parsing, identification analysis and more.

Fast performance

  • Ensure high-performance results with high-performance, high-quality data.
  • Interactively blend and shape data in near-real time.
  • Load data preparation functions in parallel and process them in memory.

Why SAS® for data preparation?

Merge & shape your own data

Self-service data preparation empowers data scientists and data analysts to manipulate data without coding or help from IT so you can get work done faster – and free IT for more strategic tasks.

Spend less time preparing data, more time analyzing it

Advanced analytics, data quality, data visualization and data preparation capabilities are seamlessly combined so you have more time to explore data and make decisions.

Work more efficiently by reusing and collaborating

Avoid duplicating work by saving tasks within projects to be reused by multiple teams. Share jobs as centrally managed assets. With data preparation technology from SAS, you'll boost productivity and collaborate to get more value from your data.

Recommended Solutions for Data Preparation

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