SAS Payment Integrity for Health Care

Prevent, detect and manage payment integrity issues from every angle.

Uncover suspicious health claims faster to minimize losses and protect resources for the greater good.

With our unified technology platform, SAS can help solve your most complex problems across medical cost management; risk adjustment; fraud, waste, abuse and error; outcome-based analytics; and value-based payments. SAS advanced analytics helps you identify and investigate payment integrity issues, and make higher-value referrals to regulators and law enforcement.

Detect more fraud, reduce your losses and optimize payment integrity.

Spot more payment integrity breaches than ever before with a robust fraud analytics engine that processes all data (not just a sample) in real time or in batch. Running on the powerful SAS Viya, the solution uses advanced analytics with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, combined with other techniques – business rules, outlier analysis, text mining, database searches, exception reporting, network link analysis, etc. – to uncover more suspicious activity with greater accuracy.

Gain a consolidated view of fraud risk.

Identify linkages among seemingly unrelated claims with a unique visualization interface that lets you go beyond individual and account views to analyze all related activities and relationships at a network dimension. Social network diagrams and sophisticated data mining capabilities give you a better understanding of new threats, enabling you to prevent big losses early. And you can stay on top of changes in payment and cost containment trends by continually improving models and adapting the system.

Reduce false positives while boosting efficiency.

The solution applies risk- and value-based scoring models to accurately score and prioritize alerts before they go to analysts, clinicians or investigators. With the time saved, valuable personnel can work more cases with greater efficiency and focus on higher-value networks that generate a better ROI. More accurate scoring also means fewer false positives – and that translates to less customer inconvenience and greater customer satisfaction.

Key Features

A single, fully integrated solution for ensuring payment integrity in health care, with components for fraud detection, alert management and case handling. Plus enhanced AI capabilities, such as automation for built-in intelligence, simplicity, collaboration and transparency.

Data management

Includes a health-care-specific fraud, waste and abuse data model that consolidates data from internal and external sources – claims systems, watch lists, third parties, unstructured text, etc. – and seamlessly integrates existing payment integrity solutions.

Advanced analytics & embedded AI

Provides a broad set of advanced analytic and AI techniques, including modern statistical, machine learning, deep learning and text analytics algorithms.

Rule & analytic model management

Includes prepackaged heuristic rules, unsupervised anomaly detection and predictive models, and lets you create and logically manage business rules, analytic models, alerts and watch lists.

Detection & alert generation

Calculates the propensity for fraud at first submission with a scoring engine that combines business rules, anomaly detection and advanced analytics; then rescores claims at each processing stage as new claims data is captured.

Open source compatibility

Language agnostic programming enables data scientists to access SAS algorithms via open source programming interfaces – including R, Python, Java and Lua – from applications such as Jupyter Notebook.

Social network analysis

Provides a unique visualization interface that lets you go beyond transaction and account views to analyze related activities and relationships at a network dimension.

Search & discovery

Lets you perform free-text, field-based or geospatial searches across all internal and external data, and refine searches using interactive filters.

Intelligent case management

Systematically facilitates operational, clinical or investigative reviews using a configurable workflow, and stores all information pertinent to a case.

Flexibility & security

Offers the fast, flexible benefits of a secure, cloud-ready environment. Scales to every analytic level, and lets you choose the solution package that works best for your organization. SAS is certified and experienced in handling sensitive medical (HIPAA), financial and personal (PII), and tax (IRS publication 1075) data.

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