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SAS® Credit Scoring

A faster, cheaper, more flexible solution than any outsourcing alternative.

Controlling credit risk is a delicate business. Too much credit exposure can lead to high default rates and charge-off percentages. Too little exposure often means lost business and revenue. We've combined our award-winning data management, analytic and reporting capabilities to provide a powerful in-house credit scoring solution that lets you develop, validate, deploy and track credit scorecards faster, cheaper and more flexibly than any outsourcing alternative.


Make well-informed credit decisions.

Improve your credit decisions on both the origination and servicing sides of the business to reduce credit losses and boost performance. You can perform application and behavior scoring for virtually all consumer lending products – including cards, installment loans and mortgages.

Better assess and control your risk.

Assess and control risk within your existing consumer portfolios and improve your acquisition strategies using advanced predictive analytics to gain a better understanding of the specific risk characteristics and subsequent attributes that lead to delinquency, default and bad debt.

Easily access and manage all relevant data.

Access, transform, standardize and cleanse all prerequisite data – including third-party bureau, application, billing-payment and collections data – with comprehensive data management capabilities. You can use a comprehensive banking data model to build an easy-to-access, consistent, robust data mart powered by integrated data extraction, householding/deduplication, mapping and loading capabilities.

Quickly develop scorecards in-house.

Develop, validate and implement application and behavioral scorecards in-house. The solution facilitates improved time-to-market performance, as well as enhanced market segmentation and pricing strategies that align with your institution's risk tolerance. As a result, you can better control bad debt while streamlining account servicing and application scoring processes.

Bank of America
Without SAS, processing times would be longer, hedging decisions would be delayed and, ultimately, the bank would be behind the market.

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