Education Outreach

Closing the Analytics Skills Gap

Education systems are turning up the momentum from computer use to computer literacy.

Our children are growing up in extraordinary times – where the limitless creation and consumption of data is woven into every facet of their lives. They see it pouring out of their phones and laptops every second of every day. So much so that they run the risk of becoming more complacent, rather than curious.

But what if kids could be inspired, at a younger age, to be more inquisitive? What if science, technology, engineering and math became more immersed into their teaching curriculums – in exciting new ways that started them on a lifelong journey toward discovery?

SAS is committed to integrating technology into all levels of education to bridge the skills gap. The P-12 through higher education path is one essential way for children and young adults to enter the world of analytics earlier and understand its relevance in their everyday lives.

Too few students are interested in earning the degrees needed to fill the jobs of the future. And too few are college-ready when they graduate from high school. SAS is passionate about changing that. We are partnering with educators, communities, businesses and policymakers to reverse these trends and find opportunities to support our nation’s schools.

Computer science is ready to take its place alongside standard courses, and reach more diverse student populations.

Challenges to overcome


About 51% of high schools in the United States teach one or more computer programming classes.


Only about 34% of AP Science test-takers are female, while minorities continue to lag behind that percentage.


Approximately 82% of university computer science majors are men, with the disparity continuing into the workforce.

Business Roundtable: More Than Leaders. Leadership.

"Closing the skills gap in data analytics and other STEM-related fields is essential to preserve America’s global leadership in innovation. Through our cutting-edge academic programs and higher education partnerships, SAS is helping students, workers and employers gain the analytics capabilities they need to not only keep up with competition but raise the bar.” – Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS

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