Spend less time investigating crime and more time preventing it.

How SAS® Delivers Public Security Solutions

Respond faster and more effectively to crime, terrorism and other security threats with a cohesive, analytics-based approach to risk and threat assessment. A single platform gives all agencies a unified view of information across all stages of the intelligence life cycle.

Ensure accurate, reliable intelligence

Our fraud detection software lets you direct, track and audit trustworthy information as it moves through your systems – from planning and collecting to processing, analyzing and disseminating – throughout the intelligence life cycle.

Quickly access security threats and evaluate future risks

Use advanced analytics and data visualization to spot trends and connections that may indicate threats hidden in huge volumes of data. Then send alerts to commanders and officers so they can act quickly.

Stop crime through preventive policing

Conduct more targeted, productive investigations by analyzing and simulating risks to determine which actions are most likely to produce desired outcomes.

Manage borders better

Give agents a big-picture view of all information so they can distinguish between suspicious and legitimate travelers and freight in real time.

Why SAS® for public security?

Get a single, unified view

Access, integrate, cleanse and standardize security data from virtually any source or format. Automatically link related information across systems to ensure consistency. And interactively exchange reliable information across different platforms and agencies.

Manage with greater speed and efficiency

A single, end-to-end operational solution delivers comprehensive data management, high-performance analytics and data visualization, all tailored to individual agency needs. Fast access to up-to-date information saves valuable research time, which can mean tens of millions of dollars in cost savings.

See all the data, share all the results

Collect, visualize and analyze huge amounts of structured and unstructured data from multiple intelligence sources. Then deepen your knowledge and situational awareness by sharing results in graphical or geospatial formats.

Partner with a trusted provider

With security intelligence solutions from SAS in use at more than 170 public security agencies globally, we have demonstrated expertise in security intelligence, fraud detection and fraud prevention, backed by more than 40 years of experience.