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Accelerate breakthroughs with trustworthy AI

AI in Pharma

Business Challenges

The digitalization of health care data has introduced unprecedented opportunities to disrupt the way new and innovative therapies are delivered. The shift to personalized therapies and precision medicine requires increased performance from data and analytics and the incorporation of real world data to inform decision making. Life sciences companies must adapt the way they use and share data to get innovative therapies to patients faster.

How AI & Machine Learning From SAS Can Help

AI capabilities – such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and forecasting and optimization – can unleash the full potential for life sciences companies to advance patient-centricity, improve operations and gain a competitive edge in the market. This necessary evolution will enable life sciences organizations to:

  • Ensure drug safety. Enable pharmaceutical companies to quickly determine the quality, efficacy and safety of new product candidates.
  • Get new therapies to market faster. Accelerate clinical trials using real-world data sources, and develop fit-for-future trial designs, e.g., virtual, pragmatic and adaptive trials.
  • Uncover manufacturing issues with greater speed and accuracy. Uncover potential issues earlier than ever, and proactively take corrective action to improve outcomes.
  • Deploy Generative AI to drive innovation and growth in the areas of drug discovery, digital twins, pharmacovigilance and drug repurposing.

Why choose SAS®?

As the leader in advanced analytics, SAS Viya is a faster, more productive AI and analytics platform, delivering transparent and trustworthy results. And with 5 decades of experience working with pharmaceutical manufacturers, SAS has the expertise to help customers scale. By embedding AI capabilities in our software – from our powerful analytics platform to solutions tailored to the needs of life sciences organizations – we provide more intelligent, automated solutions that help you unlock new possibilities and solve your most complex problems.