The Health Pulse

How can data, AI and advanced analytics accelerate innovation in health care? Which new technologies hold the most promise? What are the biggest roadblocks to progress? How can we solve endemic problems?

Join us for The Health Pulse podcast series as we explore fresh perspectives on digital transformation in health care and life sciences. With a special guest expert on each episode, we’ll tackle the most pressing issues affecting the delivery of health care and therapies worldwide.

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Episode 1: Welcome to The Health Pulse Podcast

In this first episode, industry experts Mark Lambrecht, PhD and host Greg Horne will dive into some of the most interesting and challenging issues facing the health care and life sciences industries today. They’ll explore the role of data and analytics in driving patient-centricity and innovation in the delivery of health care worldwide.

Episode 2: The Role of Telemedicine in Advancing Whole Person Care

Behavioral care expert and psychologist Josh Morgan, PsyD chats with Greg Horne about the role of virtual care in delivery of more equitable and patient-centric health care. They’ll explore the potential for telemedicine to help break down barriers, maximize resources, advance holistic outcomes and empower patients.

Check out this webinar series for health care and life sciences professionals, where you can get a quick overview of industry hot topics and see real-life demonstrations of SAS software in action.

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