A Comprehensive Approach to Trustworthy AI Governance


A Comprehensive Approach to Trustworthy AI Governance

About this eBook:

AI is revolutionizing human life and unlocking a whole new world of innovation. As AI becomes more prevalent, it will affect nearly every aspect of society from our professional to personal lives. Organizations that can demonstrate responsible and ethical use of AI are more likely to be commercially successful. This is where Trustworthy AI – a system designed to ensure safety, reliability and ethical practices – can help.

Trustworthy AI is an AI system designed, developed and deployed with human-centricity in mind. These systems incorporate appropriate levels of accountability, inclusivity, transparency, completeness and robustness to promote human agency and prevent human harm.

In this eBook you will discover:

  • The business need for ethics in AI
  • Why you should embrace Trustworthy AI
  • How to establish Trustworthy AI governance
  • The 6 SAS principles to guide your Trustworthy AI strategy
  • How the SAS Data Ethics Practice supports Trustworthy AI