SAS® Fraud Framework

Reduce fraud losses. Increase revenue. Enhance operational efficiency.

Take a unique, hybrid approach to detecting and preventing fraud. A powerful fraud analytics engine uses multiple techniques to uncover more suspicious activities than ever before. Alerts are scored and prioritized based on severity, then routed to investigators for a more in-depth review.


Detect more fraudulent activity than ever before.

Process all data (not just a sample) through advanced analytics models combined with rules engines in real time or batch. You’ll be able to detect previously unknown schemes using customized anomaly detection methods, and spot linked entities and crime rings to stem larger losses.

Increase your operational efficiencies.

A robust fraud scoring engine greatly reduces false positives and prioritizes higher value networks for investigation. Advanced case management tools help streamline investigations and boost investigator efficiency.  In addition, the system captures the outcome of fraud investigations to fine-tune the detection analytics over time.

Gain a consolidated view of fraud risk.

Identify cross-brand/product fraud by seeing all associated customer information across all lines of business. Continuously improve models and adapt the system as needed to address changes in fraud trends. Understand new threats and prevent substantial losses early using social network diagrams and sophisticated data mining techniques.

Stop fraud before losses occur.

Stop fraud in its tracks using online, real-time scoring or daily batch scoring. Identify repeat offenders and more accurately score incoming data by searching databases of known fraudsters. Uncover insider or collusive fraud by integrating staff data and audit records. And apply risk- and value-based scoring models to prioritize output for investigators.



  • Fraud data management. Consolidate historical data from internal and external sources for fraud analysis and investigation.
  • Rule and analytic model management. Create and logically manage business rules, analytical models and alerts for investigators.
  • Detection and alert generation. Score data in real time with an online scoring engine that combines business rules, anomaly detection and advanced analytic techniques.

  • Alert management. Combine alerts from multiple monitoring systems, associate them with common data and give investigators a more complete perspective on risk.
  • Social network analysis. Go beyond transaction and account views to automatically identify suspicious networked behavior in the data.
  • Case management. Streamline operations with a systematic means of investigations, using a configurable workflow.

We have an excellent working relationship with SAS. They took the time to learn from us and truly understand the nuances of claims fraud at CNA so that we could build effective predictive models for each line of our business.

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