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Risk Management Solutions

Governance & Risk Compliance Software

Proactively govern risk management processes to achieve business and regulatory goals.

How SAS® Supports Risk Governance

Solid risk governance that helps ensure models are always up to the task, addressing regulatory mandates and avoiding potentially disastrous losses.

Whether you're modeling enterprise risk or running stress tests, reliable results depend on fully governed processes. In today's firms, the CEO, board of directors and executives across all lines of business share accountability for risk governance. That's because good governance goes beyond compliance and risk avoidance to help ensure optimal business outcomes.

Data & model governance

  • SAS offers unique analytics leadership with orchestration, modeling and reporting platforms that enable fast, efficient data analysis.
  • Our model governance solutions automatically document the entire model life cycle – from data integrity and business rules, to model usage and validation.

Flexible reporting

  • Only SAS provides comprehensive model governance that includes intuitive, self-service reporting and visualization.
  • Visualize network maps to see how models are interconnected, or heat maps to reveal critical risks that need immediate attention.
  • Design and deploy on-demand reports, and receive automated mobile alerts across any hierarchy and level of granularity on the fly.

Transparent model risk management

  • A centralized model inventory includes workflow management and documentation.
  • Quickly access all the information you need about your firm’s models in one central location, regardless of the software used in development.
  • SAS makes it easier for users, management, auditors and regulators to understand model assumptions, performance, design and criticality across all geographies and lines of business.

Well-governed stress testing

  • Whether you're performing stress tests for CCAR or against your credit portfolio for IFRS 9, SAS offers a comprehensive, streamlined approach to qualitative assessments that require you to track complex analytics job flows.
  • Beyond compliance, SAS enables you to govern scenario-based analytics that benefit the business – from capital planning to balance sheet immunization.

Why choose SAS for risk governance?

SAS provides an integrated governance and compliance environment for standardizing and managing strategic, operational and model risk.

Gain a holistic, enterprisewide view of your risk profile & internal control status

Measure exposure and risk across all risk types and books of business, and update measures as often as needed to align with your firm's risk appetite.

Establish a centralized model inventory & model risk management framework

Ensure modeling process transparency, and promote consistent standards throughout your organization to ensure superior quantitative and qualitative model risk management, regardless of model type, source, software or technology.

Become a well-governed, risk-aware organization

Establish a risk governance infrastructure that consistently delivers high-quality data and produces accurate, on-demand reports for management, auditors and external regulators.

Build confidence in your processes

Identify, capture and manage your most critical operational risk and compliance processes with a self-documenting solution that provides auditability and traceability for both management and regulators. Establish a single point of truth for your risk models and governance processes, whether they are focused on stress testing, expected credit loss (IFRS 9/CECL) or enterprise risk management.

Customer Success

Working Smarter With Risk Governance From SAS

Bank of India

Achieving enterprise-level operational risk management

SAS helped Bank of India implement an entire operational risk framework, from collection of input data to statistical capabilities for VaR computation, using a variety of distribution techniques.