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Smart Cities & Communities

How SAS Is Used in Smart Cities & Communities

Provide efficient and effective services for citizens.

Increase cities' resiliency to social, economic and environmental impacts.

Increase citizen engagement, and address community needs.

Featured Customer

Town of Cary

Town of Cary, NC, uses SAS analytics and IoT to predict and manage flood events.

Thanks to our integrated SAS and Microsoft IoT solution, we have reliable data and the tools to easily interpret it. This empowers the town to make the best decisions possible regarding flooding, which, in turn, helps us better protect our citizens. Nicole Raimundo Coughlin Chief Information Officer Town of Cary, NC

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Other Smart Cities & Communities Working Even Smarter With SAS

SAS Public Sector Analytics

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Reliably run your analytics in the cloud. Get the latest product enhancements as soon as they're available. And centrally manage your analytics with familiar Microsoft tools.

SAS for Flood Prediction & Preparedness

SAS for Flood Prediction & Preparedness is the first of many public-sector-specific analytics offerings SAS and Microsoft plan to build together. Now available on Azure Marketplace.

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Making the unpredictable, predictable: Using AI and streaming analytics to prevent flood damage and predict flooding patterns

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Natural language processing for government efficiency

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