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Discover how SAS helps TMT organizations take a data-driven approach to creating new business opportunities, securing their networks and turning data from billions of devices into IoT intelligence.

Business Challenges

TMTs are turning to IoT not only to create new business, service offerings and revenue streams but also to provide the underlying infrastructure and connectivity layers for all types of connected devices and sensors. From launching new video, voice or data service offerings for consumers and businesses, to connected government offerings such as contact tracing for public health, to smart cities applications, such as smart metering, the possibilities are endless.

Differentiation with IoT will come from a company's ability to use analytics to sense, understand and act on IoT data. To take advantage of this promising new area, TMTs will need to focus on IoT applications that create value by better serving customers, businesses and public sector organizations.

How IoT Analytics From SAS Can Help

Make better decisions. Gain greater insights into IoT data. And uncover new opportunities for improving lives and growing your business every day. With SAS you get:

  • The ability to turn data into dollars. Take a data-driven approach to creating new business models and digital services, building profitable partnerships in a complex value chain and delivering on customer satisfaction.
  • Secure, optimized networks. Heighten the intelligence of your existing security infrastructure to find hidden patterns and relationships suggesting malicious activity. Detect attackers’ reconnaissance activities in real time. And make better cyber risk and network capacity decisions.
  • New IoT intelligence from big data analytics. Our standardized, scalable architecture lets you seamlessly capture and analyze data streaming in from billions of devices and sensors so you can understand how to best leverage the IoT, enrich your customers' experiences and grow your business.

Why SAS?

Harness your IoT data and use it to gain better customer insights, develop personalized offerings, and generate new revenue streams – while keeping your network data secure. With SAS you can:

  • Use data while it is still in motion. Our event stream processing engine lets you analyze streaming data from a multitude of devices and sources to detect patterns and anomalies while they are occurring so you can influence event outcomes.
  • Get ahead of emerging cybersecurity threats. Detect risks in real time with cybersecurity analytics to find and uncover hidden patterns and behavior that indicate suspicious and malicious activities. Focus security operations center (SOC) investigations on real problems, and rescue security analysts drowning in data, false positives and duplicate alerts.
  • Optimize network planning for IoT growth. In-memory data visualization and forecasting capabilities enable you to plan and make spectrum investment decisions to optimize networks, load balance, manage capacity and more.
  • Establish a common language and architecture for your growing IoT data. Our integrated data management framework includes solutions for Hadoop, advanced analytics and data visualization to keep you on top of the growing IoT marketplace.

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