Maximize network quality and profitability with AI-driven automation and telecommunication analytics

Telecom Data Analytics

Outrank competitors with fast, AI-driven automation from SAS®. Gain  superior, reliable network quality and services while optimizing ROI.

How Customers Benefit From Our Telecom Data Analytics Solutions

  • Communications provider in North America reduces customer complaints

    SAS has partnered with a North American communications provider for over 25 years, helping them better understand customers through customer and network data using a variety of telecom data analytics solutions. Most recently, the company benefitted from our model curation and the ability to have workflows. This enabled employees and new team members to work with models, understand them, collaborate and be successful. The provider achieved a 53% YOY reduction in customer complaints.

  • Telefónica España resolves capacity problems and develops early detection of network congestion issues

    Telefónica España, a SAS Hackathon 2021 winner, used SAS Analytics to build, train and score models and generate forecasts, creating an updatable dashboard. With it, the team can monitor telecom network performance, anticipate capacity and congestion problems before they occur, and estimate the resources needed to solve them.

    With the dashboard, Telefónica España was able to make trustworthy, data-driven investment decisions to improve capacity in the right amounts and right places, providing the best possible service for its customers without over- or underspending CapEx.

  • Telecommunications provider in West Africa improves smart network planning and responsiveness

    With the help of solutions like SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning on the SAS® Viya® platform, this telecommunications provider improved its ability to perform effective smart network planning.

    The provider worked with SAS to create hierarchical network traffic forecasting for traffic, users, throughput and Erlang for 4G/3G/2G mobile networks. It also maximized profitability by evaluating promotional activities and predicting ROI by analyzing the expected ROI for new investments.

    Now, this provider can better predict its customers’ behavior and telecom network sizing, deploy models in days instead of weeks, analyze larger and more granular data, and be agile and responsive to market trends and competition.

  • Telekom Srbija delivers workspace energy savings and optimization

    The ML Jokers 2.2 team, a SAS Hackathon 2023 winner from Telekom Srbija in Serbia, focused on better use of office space. The team’s Intelligence for Workspace project gathered and analyzed data from IoT devices in various offices, including data on temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds. Using SAS Viya, the team optimized energy consumption while providing more comfortable and healthier workspaces for employees.

How SAS Delivers Leading Telecom Network Analytics Solutions

Telecom data analytics provide a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and the insights to deliver the level of service assurance they want and expect. AI decisioning enables you to automate actions that will help you gain maturity on the scale of TM Forum Autonomous Network Levels.

Network quality & service assurance

  • Unify all data at scale with end-to-end, real-time network analytics for accurate operational improvements.
  • Use trustworthy AIOps and MLOps to improve telecom network planning, deployment, maintenance and optimization for the best possible quality.
  • Ensure superior telecom network performance and resilience with secure authentication, authorization governance and regulatory traceability.

Network operations

  • Develop automated operations to predict and resolve network anomalies before they happen, minimizing costs.
  • Prevent unnecessary spending by showing planners where capacity is needed with advanced, multi-hierarchical forecasting.
  • Use low-code/no-code AI models that are easy for others to use and understand.
  • Enable business users to act on network analytics insights and make informed decisions.

Customer experience

  • Monetize new capabilities that create additional ROI and improve customer satisfaction with telecom data analytics insights. 
  • Improve ROI through intelligent forecast planning to prioritize telecom network roll-out. 
  • Gain real-time insights into customers’ intentions, needs and impactful events. Prompt customer care teams with the right actions at the right time for unbeatable service.

Innovation & productivity

  • Apply insights from customer and network data analytics to speed up the design of new revenue streams, including personalized products and services.
  • Accelerate business transformation by combining multiple approaches, coding languages and techniques on one telecommunication analytics platform. 
  • Enable end-to-end automation to achieve autonomous, zero-touch operations. 

Choose SAS for Leading Telecom Data Analytics

Discover how you can optimize your investments, maximize quality and address all aspects of planning, building and operating a communications network with SAS solutions.

Deliver exceptional network quality and service

Maximize telecom network quality and drive end-to-end service assurance in the current network, for 5G and beyond. Trustworthy AI provides real-time insights for making operational improvements.

Reduce costs across the business and empower users

Save millions by quickly detecting, predicting and resolving issues. Transition from siloed data and operations to enterprise collaboration on cost savings and more. 

Maximize ROI and increase customer satisfaction

Increase ROI and excite your customers with telecommunication analytics that show you how to make investments and performance improvements. SAS has helped our customers improve their NPS score by 30 points and reduce churn by 50%.

Innovate and scale faster, maintaining higher profitability

Enable faster launches of new services and revenue streams that will keep your business profitable and improve productivity. Deliver the products and services that keep customers engaged for ongoing loyalty.

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