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Evolve your data-driven decisions to fight fraud, manage risk, and personalize and enhance the customer experience

Analytics for credit unions, banks, capital markets, fintechs & insurers

More than 3,500 financial institutions of all sizes trust SAS to deliver a better customer experience, maximize ROI and manage risk and fraud with confidence. Our affordable, easy-to-use analytic solutions integrate with open source and scale with your business so you can deliver faster, more valuable results.

Delivering Analytics for Financial Institutions

Find out how SAS helps organizations like yours leverage data to meet your goals and solve business problems.

Getting Results With SAS

See what SAS has helped financial institutions achieve.

  • Delighting customers

    • 85% reduction in time to issue new loans through digitalized workflows and embedded AI.
    • 30% reduction in attrition by accurately predicting customer behavior.
    • 12% increase in customer response rates with personalized communications and timely offers.
  • Growing revenue

    • 30% increase in revenue per customer by knowing and acting on CLTV.
    • 100% increase in credit card sales through personalized offers and optimized campaigns.
    • 40% increase in credit card activations in three months by gleaning data-driven insights.
  • Stopping losses

    • 30% reduction in third-party fraud and significant improvements in synthetic and first-party fraud with real-time identity validation.
    • Increased collections with 30% less effort by embedding AI into the process.
    • Made better credit decisions in five minutes for applicants without credit histories by using new sources of consumer information.
  • Reducing costs

    • 50% reduction in marketing campaign costs by optimizing offers.
    • 90% reduction in false positives from transaction monitoring.
    • Reduced time to deliver reports and analyses from 20 days to a few seconds.

    SAS Drives Business Outcomes

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    Solutions & Use Cases to Help Your Business

    Turn your data into insights with analytics, AI/machine learning, cloud, open source, fintech, regtech and insurtech technologies. Manage increasing regulatory demands and stop fraud in its tracks. Maximize return on capital. Achieve operational excellence. And create personalized customer experiences.

    Digital Transformation

    Maximize and optimize your ROI. Drive operational efficiency.

    Risk Management

    Optimize capital and liquidity. Meet CECL, IFRS 17 and LDTI regulatory demands.

    Fraud & Financial Crimes

    Enhance fraud detection and AML. Drive efficient, effective investigations.

    In the Spotlight

    SAS Helping Small & Midsize Banks, Credit Unions & Lenders

    Learn how SAS can help you grow shareholder value and gain a competitive advantage.

    SMB Financial Services Solutions

    For novices and experts across the user base – including investigators, compliance and risk analysts, developers and data scientists – SAS has a solution to drive business outcomes.

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