Become a Partner

Become a Partner

SAS® Partner Program Overview

The SAS Partner Program is a network of strategic partnerships that creates new avenues for delivering and implementing SAS solutions. Together, we align our go-to-market initiatives and center those activities around solving our collective customers' most critical business challenges.

SAS has continued to strengthen our portfolio and grow our customer base while increasing our focus on partners. That's paying off for all of us. We have jointly delivered countless solutions to the complex issues our customers face.

Jim Goodnight

Program Levels

SAS has created a value-based program that encourages you to differentiate yourself by demonstrating your capabilities in SAS technologies and solutions. This three-tier program framework enables, rewards and supports you based on your go-to-market engagement model and investment with SAS. Program benefits and requirements are tailored to support multiple engagement models, whether sell-with, resell or services delivery.



Platinum is the highest tier in the program and includes global system integrators and technology companies that have made significant investments in building capabilities in SAS technologies and solutions. Platinum partners have invested in a SAS Center of Excellence and are engaged with SAS in our largest, most strategic accounts.


Gold partners have demonstrated domain expertise in a specific industry or solution area and typically operate within a country or regional boundary.


This is the entry tier for all partners. With the appropriate SAS agreements, Silver partners can resell SAS software licenses and deliver and support SAS software. They have access to a robust set of benefits and are required to meet a minimum set of requirements.

Channel Opportunities

Managed Analytic Services Provider (MASP) Program

SAS Partners extend their intellectual property with SAS based cloud services. As MASP providers, our partners extend SAS capabilities with their own industry and application specialization – and with scalable pricing and flexible delivery models to solve business problems.

Reseller Program

This program provides customers with access to SAS software through indirect channels, allowing customers to work with their vendor of choice to acquire a complete solution. Services provided by resellers include consulting, positioning and reselling SAS software, implementation, education and maintenance. Resellers also give us access to new markets, industries and customer segments where SAS does not operate directly.

OEM Program

Big data means analytics no longer sits in its own sandbox. Analytics has become part of databases and applications, and it needs to be part of a greater solution. Customers have more ways than ever to reap the benefits of SAS’ market-leading advanced analytics, because SAS Analytics is now part of the applications they’re already purchasing – an easily accessible, comprehensive solution that gives them the long-term option to apply analytics when those previous limitations are alleviated.

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the SAS Partner Program. SAS maintains a wide variety of partner relationships, but the common thread is proven expertise in the industry and in SAS software. Our partners range in size from small firms with exceptional SAS software implementation capabilities to global organizations that can provide enterprise SAS software solutions.

Complete SAS Partner Program application


  • Sign a partner agreement, which governs the overall cooperative business relationship between SAS and your organization.
  • Complete and maintain your partner profile, which provides information about your business, your area of expertise, and the markets you serve.
  • Offer feedback in the annual SAS partner satisfaction survey.
  • Create a joint business plan (Platinum and Gold partners).

For detailed information concerning SAS Partner Program requirements and benefits, please review the SAS Partner Program Guide (PDF).

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