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Agriculture Analytics

Solving the world’s most critical challenges in food production and sustainability.


Why choose SAS® for agriculture analytics?

SAS helps agribusiness leaders in agriculture, animal health and consumer goods companies transform data into valuable insights for better decisions. We understand what’s at stake for your business and our food supply. And we deliver innovative agtech solutions you can trust to improve the way you discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize new products and technologies.

SAS – rooted in agriculture

Born at North Carolina State University (NCSU), where the company's first project was analyzing crop yield data, SAS is partnering with NCSU to advance agricultural research and cultivate analytics talent to support feeding a growing world population.

Feeding farmers’ sustained success

SAS is partnering with Growers, an agronomics software company, to help farmers turn data into insights for making better agronomic decisions across their entire operations.

How SAS Delivers Agriculture Analytics

Data volumes in the agriculture industry are growing exponentially. IoT devices that collect data from connected farm equipment – smart tractors, drones, etc. – are becoming more common. Growers and agribusiness leaders are recognizing the potential for uncovering breakthroughs – on soil health, plant genomics, livestock management and faster development of new technologies – hidden in big data. Agriculture analytics from SAS, with embedded AI, helps you extract valuable insights that can lead to better plant and animal health, crop yields, sustainable practices and more.

Manage product research data for plant, soil and animal health. 

Enable precision agriculture performance.

Provide insights for livestock wellness monitoring and management.

Leverage streaming data from farm to fork.

Integrate transparency throughout the food supply chain.

Understand the impact and performance of sustainability initiatives.

The Challenge for Agribusiness

More efficient food production requires farmers and agribusiness leaders to undergo a digital transformation, embracing AI, IoT, big data and analytic technologies to produce insights that enable sound, data-driven decisions. The power of SAS analytics works across the entire agribusiness sector, and we can help you tackle problems ranging from yield optimization on the farm to supply chain optimization for consumer goods companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Innovation

Our commitment to people and the planet.

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