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SAS® Event Stream Processing Engine

Gain immediate analytic insights from real-time data streaming into your organization

Customer transactions, internal processes, changing market conditions and burgeoning social media add to the volumes of data you must access and deal with each day. Traditional approaches, which apply analytics after data is stored, may provide insights too late. The SAS Event Stream Processing Engine continuously analyzes data as it's received. The software is a form of complex event processing (CEP) technology that is often used for mission-critical data and decision applications. It empowers you to make important decisions in real time.


Get information delivered in real time.

Event stream processing allows the continuous analysis of events as they occur. This incremental updating of information enables the real-time analysis of trends to detect anomalies immediately. These capabilities help capture value that could otherwise be lost through information lag.

Boost performance.

The SAS Event Stream Processing Engine outperforms existing ESP engines by using SAS technologies, such as parallel processing, threaded kernel processing and customizable data filters. It also provides native support for updates, deletions and insertions for easy modeling with improved performance.

Handle complex logic and improve storage latency.

The ability to split incoming events enables you to conserve bandwidth for better performance as well as generate multiple processing paths for complex events. A powerful expression language and procedural windows provide better methods for handling complex processing logic.

Take advantage of real-time decision making.

Think of the possibilities for making decisions in real time. You could better detect fraud by making sure every bank transaction is valid. Or analyze social data streams to understand customers' sentiments about your products. Or personalize online offers based on consumers' website search criteria. And so much more.

Backgrounds 84A1005


  • Native C++ object modeling application programming interface (API)
  • Powerful expression language for scripting complex processing logic
  • Seamless interaction with SAS solutions and capabilities
  • Windows for filtering data
  • Procedural and pattern-matching capabilities
  • Passes batches of real-time information (window pulsing) for performance tuning
  • Easily configurable levels of determinism
  • Flexible threading by project

Technical Information

System Requirements

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