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Servizi pubblici più efficienti grazie alla digital transformation

Perché scegliere gli analytics SAS® nella Pubblica Amministrazione?

Gli enti pubblici non possono più fare affidamento sugli approcci di ieri per risolvere i problemi di domani. La mission del settore pubblico è quella di servire i cittadini, garantendone la sicurezza e il benessere. E questo deve accadere oggi. Con gli advanced analytics, intelligenza artificiale (AI) e tecniche di machine learning incluse, la Pubblica Amministrazione può utilizzare i dati per risultati migliori al servizio dei cittadini. SAS aiuta gli enti pubblici a tutti i livelli, e in tutto il mondo, a prendere decisioni affidabili, più veloci e efficienti, che fanno la differenza, per tutte le persone. 

See Who's Using SAS® to Make Better Decisions for Their Citizens

SAS in Public Sector – Facts & Figures


public sector departments, ministries, offices & agencies using SAS worldwide


when SAS was founded in 1976, government was our first customer


countries rely on SAS in the public sector

Keeping Children Safe With Advanced Analytics

New Hanover County Department of Social Services prioritizes cases with continuous risk assessment from SAS.


Deeper insights. Better decisions.

Explore how public sector analytics from SAS – with predictive analytics and embedded AI capabilities – enables innovation and drives decisions that better serve the needs of citizens. 

Public Safety & Criminal Justice

Defense & National Security

Health Care

Social Services


Public Sector Finance

Smart Cities & Communities

Infrastructure & Transportation

Join us for this webinar series to learn how governments are innovating in the face of uprecedented challenges through digital transformation, using data, analytics and AI.


Accelerate Data-Driven Decision Making

AI & Machine Learning

New AI techniques can automate complex tasks and unlock previously hidden insights across the spectrum of public sector data.  

Data Management

Effectively manage all critical data regardless of size, type or location. Embrace efficiency and improve integration.

Cloud Computing

Get insights from your data on your terms – on-site or through a variety of cloud configurations and alternatives that suit the needs of your mission and mandate.

Internet of Things

Through advanced IoT analytics with embedded AI and machine learning, SAS enables governments large and small to make better decisions in real time – from service delivery to public safety.

Detection & Investigation

Using multiple techniques – automated business rules, predictive modeling, text mining, exception reporting, network link analysis – SAS enables governments to detect, prevent and more effectively manage both opportunistic and professional fraud.

Evolve your analytics strategy. Enable digitalization and accelerate innovation using an analytics platform with embedded AI that offers the perfect balance of choice and control.  

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