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Conquer your analytics challenges, from experimental to mission critical, with the perfect balance of choice and control. SAS Viya extends the SAS Platform to enable everyone – data scientists, business analysts, developers and executives alike – to collaborate and realize innovative results faster.

Why SAS® Viya®?

Accelerate your analytics journey with the perfect balance of choice and control.

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SAS® Viya® System Management

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Unified environment management

All analytical tasks are united in a common base from a single, centrally managed web-based environment. You don't need different tools to manage data access, preparation, interactive exploration, statistics, forecasting, optimization, machine learning, AI, and other advanced model development and deployment activities. This means higher productivity for everyone.

Advanced scheduling

Create and manage complex job flows using a graphical job editor that establishes run-time dependencies among large collections of jobs. 

SAS® Viya® Scalability

Fast, distributed in-memory processing

Highly available, distributed processing handles easily multiple users and complex analytical workloads. Computing operations are distributed automatically across the cores of a single server or the nodes of a massive compute cluster. If a node fails, fault-tolerant processing ensures blazingly fast speed is retained.

Cloud-enabled, elastic & scalable

SAS Viya is elastic and scalable for both private and public clouds. Complex analytical, in-memory calculations are optimized for unconstrained environments. In constrained environments, they adjust automatically. Elastic processing effortlessly adapts to burst processing using available resources − scaling computing capacity as needed. This elasticity lets you quickly experiment with different scenarios and apply more sophisticated approaches to increasing amounts and speeds of incoming data. 

Resilient architecture with guaranteed failover

Designed to be fault-tolerant, SAS Viya detects server failure automatically, even across clusters. Processing is optimized and redistributed as needed. SAS Viya also manages several copies of data on the computing cluster. If a node in the cluster becomes unavailable or fails, the required data is retrieved from another block. These self-healing mechanisms ensure high availability for uninterrupted processing and automated recovery.

SAS® Viya® Products & Solutions

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