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Master Data Analytics

Unlock business value by harnessing the power of data. Generate a data-driven culture by upskilling your team with transformative cutting-edge skills.

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Analytics Value Training

Realize ROI From Your Analytics Investment.


Private Group Training Available


12 Months


11 Full-day virtual workshop sessions

Study Time

3 / 4 Hrs per week

Customised Training - Apply learning right away, bring your own case and our experts will help you develop invaluable skills, insight and confidence to master data skills needed to resolve your business challenges. 

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The Learning Framework

The program is designed help you master data analytics in a way that helps you establish a mindset for delivering actionable insights by applying analytics.


  • Define and create analytics value for your organization
  • Match capabilities to drive Analytics Maturity
  • Learn how to operationalize Analytics
  • Identify suitable advanced analytical techniques for tasks


  • Perform business analytics
  • Select analytical techniques to apply business values
  • Develop analytics to empower change
  • Create and work with analytics use cases


  • Communicate analytics value in different context
  • Define analytics problems clearly 
  • Present solutions in a clear manner

Train Your Team

Develop a high performing team of analytics professionals and benefit from cost & time-efficient learning. If you would like to train your team, our training consultants are available to discuss the best fit for your needs.

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SAS training courses will reduce spending on analytics in the long-run. It's time to employ your own internal analytics team to fulfil your analytics needs and eliminate the cost of hiring outsourced experts.

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How to generate business value by upskilling & reskilling with analytics?

On Demand Webinar  •  Cost: Complimentary

I would recommend the Analytics Value Training program for management, IT and data scientists, to give them an understanding of how everything is connected and how to communicate and work together to gain business value from the data for the entire organization. Frida Thomasson Frida Thomasson Customer Value Specialist ICA Banken
Thanks to Analytics Value Training for Data Science Program we can design our own models, which allows us to be more independent and reduce the number of consultant hours from now on. Frida Thomasson Mattias Andersson Head of CRM Analytics Scandinavian Airlines
As the dependence on data on everyday business operations multiplies so does the demand for analytics professionals. Today, more than ever, data analytics plays a critical role in organisational decision making across the board. It is essential organisations invest in educating their team in essential analytics skills to remain ahead of the competition. Pascal Lubbe Pascal Lubbe Director, SAS Education EMEA SAS

Supercharge your data analytics capabilities

Accelerate deployment and ensure maximum value from your analytics investments.

You are welcome to bring your own case study to help make all that your learn even more relevant to your individual requirements.

Network with industry leaders with access to a powerful professional network of thinkers and strategists, plus a community of driven programme participants.

Future proof your career, with the impending analytics skills shortage, skilled data professionals are in high demand across industries.

Suitable for beginners and advanced users of analytics. As long as you are curious about applying analytics we will ensure you leave inspired with future-fit skills.

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Users indicate that they perform better in their role as a result of SAS training.


Workers say training and development is the most important workplace policy.


Employees less likely to leave when they are engaged.

Meet The Experts

To ensure the best possible training program you will be learning from leading experts in the field. The faculty is comprised of industry thought leaders sharing the same passion, vision and commitment for the value of analytics.

Jonas Kritz
Well Training AB

Ulf Holmström
Scania Group

Daniel Yar Hamidi
University of Borås

Siavoush Mohammadi

Jack Phillips
International Institute for Analytics (IIA)

Karl Berthén
Adage AB

Hands-on Learning

You can bring your own case and apply newly learned skills directly, while getting support from experts.

The programme includes interactive quizzes and invites you to participate in a hackathon.

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Who Should Attend?

As an individual, Analytics Value Training will empower you to accelerate your career as a Data Analytics Professional. Master the essential data skills desired by top employers worldwide.

Data Scientists, Statisticians, Analysts, Python and R users

Business Managers, Business Analysts, Domain Specialists and Decision Makers

IT Professionals, Data Integration & Data Management Specialists

Not just for individuals, we also partner with organizations to build a data-driven culture with in-house data analytics professionals to help ensure data-driven practices are embedded across teams.

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Industry Specific Training

To ensure maximum value for attendees, we have specialized training modules for  industries and domains.


Retail Capability Academy

Boost profitability through discovering trends, predicting outcomes and making informed business decisions.


Analytics for Insurance

Utilise deep and sophisticated analytics techniques to detect fraud, improve customer experience & gain operational excellence.


Anti-Financial Crime

Drive efficiency across all aspects of anti-money laundering detection, investigation and reporting

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Top 5 reasons our participants love Analytics Value Training.

Suitable for beginners & you don't need SAS Software to enrol.