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Expand your opportunities with SAS® skills.

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Gain highly sought-after analytical skills and set yourself apart. SAS offers free software and the resources you need to learn to use it, as well as a variety of opportunities to showcase your talents, network with others and open doors to your future.

Group of students walking on campus
Group of students walking on campus

Get SAS® certified to validate your SAS® skills.

SAS Certification credentials are highly valued by employers around the world. And students get 50 percent off the standard, full-price, published fees. 

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Watch free SAS® how-to videos.

Learn how to use SAS at your own pace by checking out our library of free video tutorials designed for students and professors.

Students in a lecture hall
Smiling student working on computer
Smiling student working on computer

Get started with free SAS® e-Learning.

Learn SAS quickly and easily with free, hands-on e-learning courses that you can access whenever and wherever is convenient to you.

Smiling students in class working on computer

Take advantage of all student resources.

Free SAS software isn't the only perk we offer students. We have a full range of resources to help you learn SAS, expand your knowledge and secure your future – free video tutorials, e-learning courses, a discount on all SAS Books and more.

Smiling students in class working on computer

SAS® Software for Students

A massive study from Money and found that SAS Analytics skills are the most valuable skills to have in today’s job market.

Why learn SAS®?

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How SAS helped student land his dream job

When Cameron Jagoe was a student at the University of Alabama, the SAS Student Ambassador program put him on the right career track. Read the story to learn how. 

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Why a career in analytics is a smart choice

There are many reasons to choose a career in analytics; job security and a larger salary are just the beginning. Download this e-book to learn how far a career in analytics can take you.


The many benefits of SAS student programs

Watch this video to learn about the benefits SAS student programs have to offer, and find out how these programs are helping address the analytical talent shortage in tomorrow's workforce. 

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