The Grain



SAS & The Grain

Changing production techniques and commercial pressure to respond to last minute changes, urgent orders or unforeseen machine breakdowns have highlighted the need for analytical offerings centred around driving higher capacity utilization, lowering operating costs, and driving higher commercial agility.

Together we are able to bring innovation, scale, and value to our mutual clients through the combination of SAS’s IoT edge-to-cloud analytics & AI capabilities and The Grain’s deep shop-floor expertise and industry insights.

Focus Area
AI, Analytics, Big Data, Streaming Analytics


The Grain provides expertise in Production Planning & Scheduling, Process Optimization, Predictive Maintenance, and Demand Forecasting & Inventory Optimization.

From sourcing raw materials to the shipment of finished goods, we figure out where in the value chain analytics can best be used to maximize impact.

We all call it artificial intelligence, but what we really do is building solutions to provide you with real-time insights and actionable recommendations, helping you reach your operational goals.


IoT, AI, streaming analytics


About The Grain

The Grain is a data science company focused on building AI applications for the industry. We enable companies to have a lasting impact by making analytics usable, scalable and visible within operations. We unlock human potential by embracing technology and supporting your workforce in doing their day-to-day tasks better, faster, and smarter.