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SAS & Teradata

SAS and Teradata have joined forces to enable organizations to run the most sophisticated analytics in the world, quickly and easily using all your data. Building upon over a decade of product collaboration, Teradata supports both SAS Viya and SAS 9.x products and solutions within their Vantage platform by providing highspeed connectivity to the data, in-database data preparation and scoring; and self-service data provisioning. The combined solutions are even optimized to work in your choice of environments include cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.), on-premise and/or hybrid configurations. Leveraging the best-in-class analytics from SAS and the best-in-class data warehouse from Teradata, customers are better able to gain strategic insights, break through big data challenges and quickly uncover hidden opportunities previously though unobtainable.

For more information on how these solutions work together, please email sas@teradata.com.

Focus Area
Analytics, Big Data (Including Hadoop & IoT), Business Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Data Management, Fraud Specialization



Integrated packages to quickly implement and deploy SAS® Business Analytics with Teradata data warehouse solutions.

Big Data
Enterprise data management and analytic capabilities from the industry’s best --Teradata® Data Warehouse, SAS® Analytics and Hadoop

Data Quality
The only in-database data quality offering that can provide immediate value to customers that own, or are considering, the Teradata enterprise data warehouse.

Explore your data, build predictive models and share your precise insights all within one environment.

Internet of Things
SAS and Teradata are partnering to create an end-to-end IoT architecture that allows you to ingest streams of data and analyze events in real time.

  • Teradata Listener: Receives and collects data from multiple, high-volume, real-time streams.
  • Teradata Platform: Captures and stores data for analytics and other downstream applications.
  • Teradata Appliance for SAS: Provides high-speed performance for SAS Analytics.

This solution integrates real-time enterprise data management and analytic capabilities from the industry’s best – Teradata and SAS.

With this architecture, organizations can:

  • Continuously and proactively monitor incoming data streams.
  • Apply analytics anywhere at any time – at the edge, in stream and at rest.
  • Deliver timely, fact-based insights enterprise wide.


About Teradata

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) helps companies get more value from data than any other company. Teradata’s leading portfolio of big data analytic solutions and services can help organizations gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data. teradata.com