The SAS Women in Analytics (WIA) Network is a community aimed to strengthen diversity in the analytics field.

The network leverages the SAS values of authenticity, value for work/life balance and passion to build a community of women who are interested in and advocate for Women in Analytics. Our audience is anyone wishing to contribute to or build a career in analytics. #SASWIA

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Accomplished Women in Analytics

Susan Weidner took a somewhat unexpected turn into the statistics field early in life. She had decided against pursuing a career in medicine and the pressure to choose a major was bearing down on her at Eastern Kentucky University.

When Susan Thomas graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in computer modeling, she was one of only two women in a graduating class of more than 100 students.

For Katherine Sanborn, science and math were always like part of the family. Dinnertime conversations with her parents, both pharmacists, often revolved around the results of Sanborn’s chemistry class experiments.

Women in Analytics Resources

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