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Free Professor Workshop

Instruction and resources for teaching a SAS® class.

Get help bringing the power of analytics to the classroom. SAS offers a free workshop designed to help you teach an undergraduate or graduate-level SAS class.

In preparing practicing statisticians for the workplace, we find that knowledge of SAS and experience using it in real-world consulting projects is a real advantage in their job hunt, as well as in their career. Alan Elliott Director, Statistical Consulting Center, Department of Statistical Science Southern Methodist University

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 July 15-18 (Melbourne): Business Analytics & Machine Learning with SAS Viya
 July 22-25 (Sydney): Business Analytics & Machine Learning with SAS Viya

Featured Course

SAS Visual Analytics 1 for SAS Viya: Basics

This course provides an introduction to data preparation, data discovery, and report creation in SAS Visual Analytics.

Learn how to use SAS Visual Analytics for SAS Viya to

  • organize content in SAS Drive
  • view and interact with reports using the SAS Report Viewer
  • access and investigate data in SAS Visual Analytics
  • prepare data using SAS Data Studio
  • perform data discovery and analysis using SAS Visual Analytics
  • create interactive reports using SAS Visual Analytics.

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