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To Err is Human. So is AI.

Learn how to manage uncertainty in AI by improving transparency and accountability.

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About the webinar

AI solutions enable decision making at an unprecedented scope and scale.

But the truth is, both good and bad decisions can be easily amplified. How can you accurately measure potential rewards and risks – including concerns about fairness, privacy and due process – in equal measure.

This is not merely a conceptual exercise. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to how and when AI-driven systems are deployed. Governments and regulators are also entering the fray.

Navigating these waters requires a mindful and deliberate approach.

Join this webinar as we discuss what works – and what doesn’t – when governing AI systems. 

You will learn:

  • Why transparency is crucial to AI adoption.
  • Emerging requirements for governance and accountability.
  • Best practices for addressing ethics and risk in AI solutions.

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About the Experts

Preeti Shivpuri
Head of AI Strategy and Governance, Deloitte Canada

Alexander Denev
Head of AI - Financial Services | Risk Advisory, Deloitte UK

May Masoud
Solutions Specialist - Data Sciences, SAS

Kimberly Nevala
Strategic Advisor, SAS