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Summer and year-round internships

SAS’ internship program provides a unique summer experience in our Cary, NC headquarters. For 10 to 12 weeks, you’ll partner with mentors to work on meaningful projects that make an immediate impact. From contributing code to ensuring product quality for our Fortune 100 customers – the sky is the limit. Both technical and non-technical internships are offered to students with degrees ranging from computer science to business marketing. SAS also hires students local to our Cary office for part-time, year-round internships.

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Summer fellowships

The SAS summer fellowship program is open to doctoral candidates in areas such as computer science, statistics, financial engineering and mathematics. You’ll work closely with professional engineers and computer scientists who develop software used throughout the world. Fellows participate in research, development, numerical validation and testing, and documentation in various areas including statistics, risk, text analytics, econometrics and operations research. The program provides an excellent opportunity to explore software development as a career choice.

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The program combines online learning with two on-site classroom trainings and a
certification exam. You learn SAS programming and data management at your own
pace. Giving you the basis for all analytical work and all SAS solutions.
Certified students are invited to an extra 2 days bootcamp.
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SCYP Job Event

Get the confidence you need in a competitive job market.

SCYP Student Certificated

"I started my SCYP experience in September 2014. New for me was to follow an online course as well as a programming course. A classroom training at SAS was really helpful for downloading the required software and I learned the importance of performing my SAS skills, especially to find my dream job. 

I succeeded the certification exam in February 2015 which gave me the feeling to move in the right direction in my professional career. I started to apply for a job in April 2015 and was very impressed that so many companies require an extensive knowledge of SAS. 

I signed my contract in an international big pharmaceutical company (Novartis) in June and started working in Switzerland. I should say that SAS helped me very well to find this unique job opportunity so I recommend the SCYP program for all students in my field (Bio-statistics and Clinical Research). "

headshot of Alanna Howard, former SAS intern and current SAS employee

“As soon as I heard of the certification via my university (Catholic University Leuven) - of the program as well as of the fact I probably would have to use SAS for my courses/thesis - I quickly enrolled. There was also an opportunity to follow a couple of other courses at SAS institute in Tervuren, which I did as well. They included help with installation and intensive training. The course itself was a nice challenge but still very manageable in combination with my studies.

I passed the certification in December 2014, first. Some benefits were immediately noticeable: I was able to write the necessary codes in SAS for my thesis, I gained an adequate programming basis for next endeavors, I met a lot of like-minded people and I was able to see how data analysis could impact a business through the 3-day bootcamp, which was very enlightening for my unexperienced self.

I started applying for jobs somewhere around the beginning of March and received a contract offer from my current employer in mid-April (which meant I skipped the job event) where I am currently working as a data modeler. Although I do not work with SAS at the moment, the insights and programming knowledge I gained in the SCYP, still adds value to my work and serves as the perfect addition to my academic background.”


SAS Academy

Would you describe yourself as a self-motivator with an entrepreneurial spirit? A problem solver who isn’t afraid of a little competition because you’ve done your homework better than everyone else? And the kind of communicator who listens first and then makes things happen? If so, SAS Academy offers an excellent US-based training program in sales for recent graduates enthusiastic about transitioning into the real world of business.


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