SAS in the Benelux

"At SAS we believe it’s not about fitting into the culture but about adding to the culture! Bring your passion for AI, be authentic, collaborate and stay curious… Combine that with our powerful AI software solutions and we have an unbeatable combination to radically improve our customers’ business." Phaedra Kortekaas Managing Director SAS Benelux SAS Benelux

In the Benelux region SAS has offices in Belgium (in the Robiano Castle in Tervuren), the Netherlands (at the Oud-Bussem Estate in Huizen) and Luxembourg. Our flexible working practice allows our employees to spend time between one of our fantastic workplaces, their home office, and their customers.

We often hear that it is not only our software but our people that set us apart from our competitors. This difference is underpinned by our values (curious, passionate, authentic and accountable), our working environment and our approach to our customers and partners.

At SAS, it’s never been about fitting into the culture, it’s about adding to it. We value the employee’s whole self and the uniqueness of their experience, perspectives, and ideas. As innovators, we rely on the creativity and variety of thinking of our people to create our ground-breaking software, compelling customer solutions and dynamic work team.

What our employees say

After graduating, I knew that SAS was the perfect place for me to begin my career! SAS always encourages me to be curious, bring my own perspective to the table and continue to develop my skills. Despite being a junior member of the team, I have never felt out of place, and my colleagues have consistently provided me with the support I need to thrive. I am grateful to be a part of the SAS family, and each new day brings another excitement and reason to love my life at SAS! Deniz Akbulut Marketing Specialist SAS Benelux
Working for SAS is like working with your best friends to achieve a common goal. And those friends are everywhere. Not only in my home country, the Netherlands, or the regions falling under my direct responsibility, being the Benelux and UK/I, but basically in every corner of the world. We work together, we celebrate together and if things are getting difficult, we fight and conquer together. During the past 20 years, SAS gave me the opportunity to grow and encouraged me to think in possibilities. As Albert Einstein already said back in the days “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity”, I always follow the same principle of turning something that seems impossible at first glance into a challenge as you can always overcome a challenge, no matter how hard that challenge is. Femke Campagne Sr Manager, Legal Counsel SAS Benelux
Looking at SAS from a new joiner’s perspective: As I have been working with companies in the Financial Services Industry, I was aware of the reputation of SAS in the Analytics field. Engaging with SAS recruitment and other colleagues during my interviews added the missing pieces on identity, culture, and attitude I didn’t have access to before as an outsider. How that all eventually impacted me as a new employee: SAS has a strong, but simple set of core values, these values allow me to remain curious and in my own authentic way explore new areas within my account set to position our industry specific solutions and build successful customer relations. I look forward to spend many years at SAS helping to achieve our collective goals. Wilsy Christiaan Sr Account Executive SAS Benelux

Why I like working for SAS


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