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Analytics Powers the Industrial Internet of Things for the Oil & Gas Industry

Keith Holdaway, of the Global Energy Practice at SAS, explains how IIoT data combined with analytics can fuel the decisions that keep oil and gas companies' assets and processes running at optimal capacity.

Why choose SAS® for Oil & Gas analytics?

We always say oil and gas industry is deeply interconnected right from the exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas to transportation, refining and distribution of oil. Huge data are being generated by reservoir engineers, production engineers, drilling engineers and other roles to improve availability of oil and gas production position. Many a times these engineers face complex decision in terms of preparing Seismic models or production models or drilling models to resolve issues in terms of fault identification or drilling optimization or production forecasts. SAS applications help its customers in identifying the real business issue and perform advance analytics to answer various complex questions.

Similarly, in the midstream business, logistics business also involves data from different modes of transportation, viz. Vessels, Rail, Pipelines, Roads to meet the demand from end consumers or refineries. SAS helps its customers to optimize its operations and reduce overall cost of transportation to meet end demand from customers.

Further, once the crude oil reaches refinery, the process engineers based on refinery complexity and situation, face immense task to optimize the yields and quality and make the finished products ready for movements to terminals, depots, and retail outlets. During the refining process SAS has helped its customers to forecast, predict, and optimize the business variables required for analytics at each stage of the downstream business, be it procurement & hedging, refining operations, maintenance or storage and distribution.

The last leg of the oil and gas value chain is “Retail business” and since finished products are currently being marketed by many players and the customer experience and engagement has become a key criterion to improve loyalty and margins, thus lot of focus is on data obtained from social media channels, POS data, sales data and how to provide optimized customer offerings to end customers while keeping each customer hooked to the given brand. Further, the need to prevent pilferage and losses has also been addressed by SAS advance analytics solutions.

You may now notice that the complete oil and gas value chain at each of its operation life cycle needs advance analytics tools like SAS to analyze historical data obtained from its past operations and thereafter recommend optimized decisions.

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