Leveraging analytics to streamline and improve company-wide reporting

SAS® Visual Analytics offers KEI Industries the freedom to access their data anytime and anywhere.

KEI Industries Limited is one of India’s leading Electrical Cable and Wire manufactures. KEI has been the recipient of the prestigious Superbrand award for five years in a row (2011-2016) benchmarking the company as one of the reputed wire and cable manufacturers in India. The company has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Being among the top three cable manufactures in India, KEI required a reporting system that matched the company’s growing needs.

With SAS Visual Analytics, KEI Industries has implemented a world class enterprise reporting solution which gives the management the flexibility to access data - up-to-date, anytime and anywhere.

Prior to the implementation of the SAS Visual Analytics solution, KEI was dependent on conventional excel based reports for meeting all their enterprise reporting needs. A lot of time was being spent on manually creating and periodically updating reports based on key indicators defined for each vertical. Implementation of SAS Visual Analytics meant that now less time is spent on creating reports, allowing substantial time for crucial decision making and taking the business forward.

This proven statistical analytical software helps us in faster, better decision making. It empowers us with access of accurate data on the finger tips. In past few years the software facilitated us in expansions and growth plans, the superior & reliable data results -supports managing day to day marketing and financial efforts across our geographical spread.

Rajeev Gupta
Executive Director (Finance) & CFO
KEI Industries

One platform for all reports

The new enterprise-wide analytics strategy serves the needs of various audiences and roles in the organization. As all the reports are now created in SAS Visual Analytics instead of being excel based, SAS Visual Analytics helped KEI establish one version of truth.

The platform empowered KEI to provide all key indicators, across multiple verticals, in a single unified and user-friendly platform for about 120 users for making decisions. This means that while reports on Sales data lets the management categorize data based on multiple attributes like year, state and locality. Reports based on Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects allows the management to get a status update on the project with details regarding materials sent and consumed. All this allowed the management to have an accurate overview of different lines of business providing a holistic view of the organization.

Drilling down leads to better insights

The most common problem with static reports created on excel is that while one can see deviations in the result, it is very difficult to figure out the root cause of the issue. SAS Visual Analytics allows users to slice and dice and view data for a variety of dimensions allowing users to drill down to a more granular level so that users can get a more comprehensive view of the data in a few clicks. Drilling down makes it very easy for users to identify the causes for deviations. Additionally, SAS Visual Analytics also allows the end users to do basic statistical analysis on-the-fly using exploration techniques without relying on an IT intervention.

Access the correct data anytime and anywhere

Developing reports on SAS Visual Analytics also meant that all the reports can now be accessed on mobile phones and tablets. The raw data source for all the reports is pulled from the Baan ERP system. After creating the reports initially, the teams were not able to completely streamline the process for updating reports. With the help of the SAS Management Console, all daily reports can now be automated & scheduled by IT Implementation teams using the SAS scheduling tools. Leadership team can access current numbers anytime on their mobiles and tablets, drill down to the lowest level of data, enabling IT Implementation teams to focus on more productive tasks and effectively contribute to the company’s growth story.


  • Access accurate data always to improve decision making.
  • Provide data across business units on a single platform for improved monitoring.
  • Time-consuming manual processes for creating and updating static excel based reports.


SAS® Visual Analytics


  • Reduction in data preparation time and execution time for analytics.
  • Update underlying data for reports automatically ensures reports are always accurate.
  • Quicker turnaround of insights, reports and explorations at varying hierarchies.
  • Ability to access data anytime and anywhere for deeper insights that inspire better decisions.
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