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DCB Bank enhances customer value and generates insights using SAS Office Analytics

Committed to its strong customer-focus and innovative spirit, DCB Bank turned to SAS Office Analytics to achieve a greater analytical depth of its business segments, and the DNA of its customers across these segments.

With a strong network of more than 310 branches spread across many states and union territories of India. DCB Bank was recognized by Businessworld Magazine Magna Award as the Best Small Bank in India 2017. More recently the Industry body ASSOCHAM, recognized DCB Bank for the Best SME offering amongst private sector banks in 2017.

DCB Bank strives to serve its customers with the highest levels of Empathy, Speed and Quality encapsulated as ESQ. In order to achieve this, apart from identifying operational inefficiencies, understanding its customers – their needs and pain points – becomes crucial.

The information for gathering these customer insights is generally readily available. The challenge is tapping into the data, to understand customer value, and run targeted analytics to acquire, serve and retain customers.

The first step was to gather data from multiple sources and store them in a useful and consistent manner. Once this was done, the next step was to adopt SAS Office Analytics across the organization.

SAS emerged as the ideal option after the Bank’s detailed assessment for a reliable data analytics tool. We feel proud that we have really achieved something together. R Venkattesh standing in front of window R Venkattesh Head Operations, Technology & HR DCB Bank

From daunting to transformational
Instead of using disparate methods of retrieving data, teams at the Bank – now – have a single platform. The tool makes information available, in a governed, on-demand framework – so business units can consume the data and generate insights the way they desire. This also helps in cross learning across various business segments.

With guided analytics, DCB Bank is well-equipped to identify opportunities at the right time. These insights help DCB Bank understand its customers at a deeper level, so it can focus on a productive engagement with them.

"The more data points we gather and put through SAS, the better is the picture that emerges from analytics – which helps to serve our customers in an effective manner. SAS’s extensive products and community backed service quality are admirable." says Mr. R Venkattesh, Head Operations, Technology & HR, DCB Bank. 

Ensuring data quality
Effective data management operations are built with necessary business logics and scenarios designed in the process to harmonize data coming from varied transactional sources. With exhaustive data treatment and business logics built in the solution, combined with a reporting interface, analysts can focus more on fetching answers rather than validating business scenarios.

Changing customer behavior
DCB Bank uses data for multiple analytical use cases through the SAS platform. Some of the predictive analytical models have helped in multiple business segments – such as SME Banking.

Some of the analytical use cases implemented through SAS have been for segmentation, profiling, campaign management, profitability and campaign analytics. DCB Bank has the capability for modeling needs and requirements.

Analytics has fundamentally changed the way the Bank analyses data. With these insights, DCB Bank is better equipped and to create value for the customer and stakeholders. Analytics aids in fine-tuning strategies as well as acquisition effort to generate high value returns.


DCB Bank


  • Give business units more autonomy in looking and understanding customer behavior through relevant models and reports
  • Democratize information across business units


SAS® Office Analytics


  • Reduction in data preparation time and run-time for analytics
  • Quicker turnaround of insights, reports and explorations at varying hierarchies
  • Fine tuned prospecting efforts that build long-lasting relationship with customers
  • Overall improvement in business performance
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