Josefin Rosén
AI & Analytics Leader, Nordics

Many business leaders are starting to understand that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be impact the future in most organizations. Few know how to get started: Josefin Rosén does. She has passion for unlocking hidden insights from all kinds of data and is specialized AI and Machine Learning, including deep learning and Natural Language Processing.

As Principal Advisor in Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Josefin helps customers from different industries unleash the potential of advanced analytics while managing the challenges arising when you are working with large quantities of unstructured data.

She is also involved in academic discussions and has earned a PhD in predictive chemistry from the University of Uppsala before dedicating herself to positions in the pharmaceutical and IT industries.

At events and in media interviews, Josefin has spoken out on issues related to the advance of machine learning and AI. She currently applies this knowledge on a day-to-day basis at SAS Institute as Principal Advisor in Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

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Speaker engagements

2020SAS Nordic Forum: Technology in practiceonlineSAS Institute
2020SAS Nordic Forum: Responsible AIonlineSAS Institute
2020Data Innovation Summit: Automation in SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine LearningKista Stockholm and onlineHyperright
2020Data Innovation Summit: Data to Decisions: Accelerating the Analytics Life CycleKista Stockholm and onlineHyperright
2020Retail Talks: AI + Kunden = SantLab Store StockholmClas Ohlson
2020AI business summit: Att utveckla AI man vågar lita påEpicenter StockholmNowbiz
2019What is inside the black box? A journey into the model worldSAS Forum, DR KoncerthusetSAS
2019What is inside the black box?Stockholm WaterfrontSAS
2019AI som du kan lita på: NEXTStockholm Waterfront
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