SAS® Cybersecurity

Counter cyberattacks with your information advantage.

Reduce uncertainty by identifying attackers in your network before they make their next move. Boost confidence in your network visibility with timely, accurate and actionable intelligence.


Trust the analytics experts.

Put the top-ranked advanced and predictive analytics capabilities from SAS to work in detecting attacker presence on your network. Built on our market-leading analytics platform, SAS Cybersecurity arms you with an essential layer of cyberanalytics to enhance your existing security defenses.

Expand your network visibility.

Get a view into both normal and abnormal network behavior. SAS Cybersecurity uses a variety of behavioral cyberanalytics approaches, including peer group analysis, unsupervised machine learning and predictive modeling to see what’s truly going on in your network.

Identify threats and quickly take action, at scale.

SAS Cybersecurity delivers continuous security insights from all your network traffic and relevant business information so you can identify threats quickly from large volumes of data – and scale as your network grows. With business context behind each threat indicator, you can develop the most effective mitigation strategy.

Improve security operations efficiency with analytics-driven triage.

Focus security investigations on relevant events and assets. Rescue analysts drowning in data, false positives and duplicate alerts. SAS Cybersecurity enables security analysts to manage an accurate, prioritized short list of suspicious devices and entities requiring investigation.

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  • Smart analytics baseline. In-stream, contextual data enrichment augments network flow with business information, security alerts and external threat feeds, providing an intelligent data set to drive higher fidelity results.
  • Scalable processing with no shortcuts. Runs in-memory, behavioral analytics on every machine-to-machine relationship for improved analytic insight. Streams, enriches, correlates and writes enriched data to Hadoop at billions of network events each day, handling even the largest networks.
      • Multiple analytic approaches. Don’t be confined by rules. SAS Cybersecurity combines anomaly detection, predictive analytics and dynamic, adaptive data analysis so you can be confident in the accuracy of the results.
        • Peer group-based detection. Understands normal and abnormal device interactions compared to peer behavior to pinpoint even the most subtle indicators of suspicious activity.

        Security Analytics: The SAS Perspective

        Are you considering deploying security analytics capabilities? SAS executives Stu Bradley, Vice President of Cybersecurity Solutions, and Bryan Harris, Vice President of Cyber Analytics R&D, talk about how organizations can set a roadmap for successful security analytics adoption.  

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