Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks

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Every day, millions of trucks transport essentials across highways.

That’s the plan anyway. But when trucks with scheduled hauls unexpectedly break down, the impact is far-reaching – from farms and restaurants to retailers and hospitals. Not to mention the operator costs of up to thousands of dollars a day.

Machine learning is an area we’re putting a lot of emphasis on right now, using the SAS® Platform. We are in a much better situation to understand exactly what the data is telling us. Conal Deedy Director of Connected Vehicle Services Volvo Trucks North America

High-tech takes to the road.

Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks, both subsidiaries of Swedish manufacturer AB Volvo, have met this challenge with remote diagnostic and preventative maintenance services based on IoT technologies with artificial intelligence from SAS. Telematics-based services keep vehicles running more efficiently and minimize the cost of service disruptions.


trucks supported with
remote diagnostics


of records processed
in real time


reduction in repair time

‘Always-on’ service delivers impressive results.

IoT technologies paired with SAS® Analytics allows both companies to manage operations proactively. Volvo Trucks reduced diagnostic time 70 percent and repair time 25 percent when using SAS to process millions of records in real time. And Mack Trucks sees the direct value to stakeholders with greater uptime and very high scores in customer satisfaction.

With SAS, we’re working smarter – we’re seeing things that exist in our information that we couldn’t find before, so we can drive better results for our customers. David Pardue VP of Connected Vehicle and Uptime Services Mack Trucks

Analytically driven design

Analytics is also applied to examine common traits of trucks in the field and improve their design. The analysis identifies emerging issues across an engine type or model year much quicker with real-time streaming data and communicates these findings before they impact customer operations.

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