How communications service providers can secure a sustainable, profitable future by delivering best-in-class connectivity, innovative services, and excellent digital experiences to their customers.

Why SAS?

We enable data-driven digital transformation helping drive Communication Service Providers (CSPs) into the future to harness all the possibilities that 5G offers.

SAS uniquely combines an open and cloud-enabled industrialised analytics environment with embedded AI to help you solve current and future challenges.

Expand your business beyond all boundaries. Embrace new technology and transform complex data into valuable insights that drive your decisions, and the right outcomes. Improve processes so you can work faster and more efficiently. Gain a more complete view of your business operations and customers and achieve a real source of competitive advantage.

What do you want to achieve?


A New Manifesto for the Future of Telecommunications

presented by SAS

CSP Companies Working Smarter with SAS




Telenor Norway uses SAS Analytics to enhance business decisions and continuously adapt to customers’ needs.




With SAS Customer Intelligence, Vodafone Ukraine reduces customer churn by 30 percent.




Find out how Globe uses analytics to keep customers engaged and provide the right offers with SAS Customer Intelligence.

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