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Safeguard taxpayers’ money with
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Leaders across the UK public sector face more demands than ever to protect department budgets. The post COVID-19 efficiency drive has only increased the pressure to prevent losses.

Every year, the public sector is losing huge amounts to internal and external public procurement. To protect public funds, this must be addressed. 

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We need to talk about Public Procurement 

Procurement losses account for the second-largest economic crime on the planet, yet no one is talking about it.

The UK Government can’t rely on yesterday’s approaches to solve tomorrow’s problems. The mission of the public sector is to serve its citizens; to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of all. Accomplishing this today requires innovative technology that can address future challenges in government procurement.

We need to stop accepting procurement losses as a cost of doing business. We must take a proactive approach to prevent fraud or error. Gain an accurate and holistic view of your public procurement risk.

Top 5 Threats to Government Procurement

Government procurement teams are responsible for managing billions of pounds of public expenditure, and taxpayers want more transparency on how their money is being spent. A robust government procurement strategy must be able to detect and mitigate all five of the following threats.

Unmask the enemy within

One of the biggest barriers to detecting internal fraud is people’s natural trust of their colleagues.

Over half of all financial fraudsters are employees. Objective controls are required to detect fraud and supplier non-compliance, to improve the procurement process, prevent fraud, improve governance, and lower supply chain risk. Realizing those objectives can generate enormous financial value for the enterprise.

Future-proof government

Siloed information, lack of analysis, an inability to map relationships between possible co-conspirators and difficulty tracking adherence to procurement mandates are the cause of the challenges faced by procurement officers.

The solution lies in data management and analytics that help to overcome these issues, enabling procurement officers to avoid fraud and waste, ensure the contract delivers everything it says it will − all while more effectively complying with procurement mandates and quotas.

Safeguard your citizens

PwC has listed procurement fraud as one of the world’s most reported economic crimes, ranking above cybercrime and business misconduct. It lowers revenues, ruins reputations, and distracts from the crucial work of businesses.

It usually hides in plain sight. Often committed by known suppliers and those closest to the business, it's estimated that organisations lose 5% of their annual revenues to fraud.

Continuous monitoring for better public procurement

3 On-Demand Webinars addressing some of the challenges many procurement officers experience.  Often caused by siloed information, lack of tools, an in-ability to map relationships and difficulty tracking adherence to procurement mandates.

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How can SAS help?

SAS helps governments at all levels, all around the world, make better, faster, and more cost-effective decisions that improve the lives of the people they serve.

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