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Uncover procurement risks early using machine learning and AI

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About the webinar

Today internal audit, compliance and legal departments throughout the public sector are required to maintain business ethics and integrity through the design of effective control, fraud and corruption prevention strategies.

SAS helps government agencies, NHS and private industry to continuously monitor and control P2P, T&E and other financial flows to reduce financial losses and optimize processes.

It analyzes data and systems to spot early-warning signs that could indicate issues and improves your investigative processes with advanced exploration tools providing valuable insights and enabling a true risk prevention strategy.

Join our webinar to understand how:

  • To enable internal audit with productivity tools
  • Internal auditors can use advanced analytics to run continuous controls
  • To demystify the operational usage of Machine Learning and AI (the benefits for the NHS and local authorities - what it can do, what it will probably do in the near future and what it won’t do for quite some time)

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About the Expert

Laurent Colombant

Continuous Controls solution team lead, Fraud and Compliance NEMEA

Laurent has been helping customers tackle financial crime using NLP, ML and analytics since 1999. After focusing on sanctions screening, anti-money laundering, payment fraud and terrorist cell financing he is now working to address Continuous Controls monitoring for SAS customers. This includes P2P, T&E, Know Your Supplier and Insider fraud modus operandi. He’s the NEMEA pre-sale lead for the solution and believes it’s the next to hottest fraud detection solution in the market.

Prior to joining SAS, Laurent worked on sanctions screening and halt of business for Tier 1 banks using lexical AI. He was the General Manager of the Belgian subsidiary of Temenos specialized in scanning and checking SWIFT messages. He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Michigan and a joint degree in linguistics, econometrics and computing from the University of Montreal.