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Continuous monitoring for better public procurement

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About the webinars

This series of three webinars address some of the challenges many procurement officers experience in procurement processes − not to mention fraud and abuse. These challenges have been caused by siloed information, lack of analytics tools, an inability to map relationships between possible co-conspirators and difficulty tracking adherence to procurement mandates. But now data management and analytics tools are helping procurement officers surmount these issues, enabling them to avoid fraud and waste and get more bang for the procurement buck − all while more effectively complying with procurement mandates and quotas. More importantly, these tools are giving procurement officers the useful information they need to support their agency’s mission, while demonstrating good stewardship of taxpayer resources.’

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  • Threats to Government Procurement Integrity
    Government procurement teams are under constant pressure as experts estimate that procurement errors, waste and abuse can cost central government around 5 % of procurement spend. To ensure integrity and prevent losses before they happen, internal audit, compliance and legal departments throughout the public sector must be able to monitor and detect any red flags and anomalies in real time. 

  • Fact-based confidence to manage government suppliers and procurement
    Government spend and procurement continues to come under scrutiny, with rogue and unethical suppliers sometimes getting through the rigorous government processes. In this webinar we will cover why continuous monitoring is key to confident monitoring of spend and procurement. This webinar covers why to check your suppliers and also how to monitor and analyze spend.

  • Public procurement – techniques to ensure taxpayers’ get value for money
    As opportunistic fraudsters and organised crime gangs continue to develop more sophisticated means of deceiving public sector organisations. See how the public sector can tackle these challenges by bringing together multiple data sources and using innovative and cutting-edge machine learning techniques to help reduce fraud in the procurement process.

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