SAS Learn Badges

Validate your learning and share your achievements with a digital badge.

Your professional skills tell a unique story about you. SAS Learn badges illustrate and verify that story. With real-time verification, colleagues and potential employers have a clear view of what you’ve learned through your SAS® training.

Share it. You’ve earned it.

Maybe you didn’t run that marathon, but you did take a SAS course. You can share your SAS Learn badges on email signatures, digital résumés and social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The digital images contain verified metadata that confirms your accomplishments.

All eligible courses have a badge type that captures the subject of the course.
View the full list of courses to see which badge you’ll earn for your course.

How do I get one?

  • When you complete an eligible course, you’ll receive an email from Acclaim, our digital badge partner, inviting you to claim your badge.
  • Click the link in the email.
  • Create an account on the Acclaim site.
  • Claim your badge and start sharing.

Backed by Acclaim

Our partnership with Acclaim ensures your SAS badges are verified in real time with metadata. Benefits include:

  • Labor market insights that connect your new skills to jobs.
  • Trusted method for real-time verification.
  • Employers can easily view candidates with certain SAS skills.
  • Global recognition of your hard-earned achievement.

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