Continuous protection across the customer journey – from application, to authentication, to account management.

How SAS® Delivers Identity & Digital Fraud Analytics

Digital fraud is increasing, and the impact on your business can be tremendous. SAS empowers you to shield your customers and your organization from ever-changing threats. Get real-time results with our digital fraud analytics, AI-driven data orchestration and industry-leading on-demand decision engine.

Balance security & convenience

Give customers a ubiquitous, real-time experience at each step of the customer journey to balance security and convenience, using machine learning to dynamically increase or remove friction as risk changes.

Focus on your real customers

Guide customers on a path to passive authentication, only introducing friction when challenge is required. Our solution engages your associates when human experience and intuition is required. More legitimate consumers and transactions will get through faster.

Understand customers' digital identities

Instantly identify and authenticate the person behind every device. Confidently manage customer identity verification during onboarding and login authentication.

Identify more digital fraud

Bring in third-party data – e.g., biometric, digital ID and behavioral – for transaction enrichment, and implement multiple detection techniques so you can spot more digital fraud across channels, including online banking, mobile, ACH and wire.

Find out how CNG Holdings achieved a 30% reduction in fraud-fighting costs, with a near-zero false positive rate.

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Why SAS® for identity & digital fraud analytics?

Convenient identity validation without compromise

Confidently validate digital users’ identities, whether they're logging into an account or completing an application. Fortify your due diligence with one-stop access to some of the leading data providers and powerful analytics, ensuring fast virtual access for customers.

Easy integration & management of multiple identity management providers

SAS provides a centralized platform that lets you easily integrate and work with the data providers you need, making it easier and less costly to onboard and manage multiple identity providers.

Hybrid analytics delivered as a service for real-time detection of new identity fraud trends

Detect and adapt to new identity fraud trends in real time. A detection strategy powered by SAS can include rules, anomaly detection, machine learning and other statistical approaches. By combining methods, you can identify good customers faster, minimizing identity fraud risk while reducing false positives.

Greater customer confidence, lower costs

Reduce customer friction by enabling faster applications and account login. SAS integrates expanded third-party data with multiple analytic methods, giving you a holistic view of your customer through data enrichment and analytics – keeping customer confidence high and the cost of doing business low.

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