Meet growing global compliance demands.

How SAS® Delivers Anti-Money Laundering/CFT Compliance Solutions

Comply with ever-changing regulations. Confidently and accurately monitor growing volumes of transactions. And take a risk-based approach to compliance that increases transparency and reduces your compliance risk.

Meet mandates for greater transparency

Adopt a complete solution that supports the entire regulatory compliance process, in less time and at less cost.

Visualize & simulate multiple scenarios

Detect suspicious activity faster than ever – in seconds, not hours. Simulate an array of models quickly, then test and tune before implementation so you can respond faster to emerging risk exposures.

Focus more time on strategic goals

Apply powerful statistical optimization to models for more effective monitoring, accurate alerts and less false positives.

Strengthen your model governance processes

Simulate an array of models quickly, then test and tune before implementation so you can respond faster to evolving risks.

Why SAS® for Anti-Money Laundering/CFT Compliance?

Give due diligence to customers

Automatically integrate customers’ on-board risk scores with actual transactional behavior. Identify high- and medium-risk customers so you can monitor them more closely. And review a customer’s risk classification as needed.

Get greater transparency

Automated business process workflows ease your compliance burden by providing a detailed audit trail of system activities. All scenarios and risk factors are clearly documented, and contextual red flags indicate why one event is considered riskier than another.

Stay agile with fast implementation

Our financial services-specific data model is optimized for financial crimes analytics, and it incorporates data management best practices from more than a hundred successful implementations so you're up and running quickly.

Expect trusted expertise you can count on

SAS has been the market leader in advanced and predictive analytics for more than 40 years. And we're committed to continuous innovation to keep our customers at the forefront of security intelligence.