Plan, test and orchestrate insight-driven, cross-channel customer journeys

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SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 – Personalized Journey Creation

Centrally manage, integrate & streamline your marketing planning

Create and store marketing plans, along with comprehensive supporting information, in a centralized repository for easier management, tracking and retrieval. Align staff and manage the entire marketing process – from strategy development and planning to creating marketing workflows, journey activation and post-campaign analysis.

Get campaigns to market faster, and foster cross-team collaboration.

Centralized marketing plans

Create and approve marketing plans in a centralized repository for easy management that supports strategic planning and better cross-team collaboration.

Integrated budget & expense management

Easily monitor finances, track expenses, and automatically update plans and calendars.

Automated workflows

Manage assignments and get real-time visibility into project timelines.

Digital asset management (DAM)

Upload and select assets from our DAM to support your planning activities.

Engage customers through a series of meaningful touchpoints

Combine data from online and offline sources to identify customer needs in real time, and build integrated customer journeys spanning all touchpoints. Use attributes, behavioral data, purchase history and other information to trigger or easily create messages for customers across all channels. Respond to behaviors in real time, and communicate seamlessly across channels – web, email, mobile and beyond.

Easily create customer journeys with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Cross-channel customer targeting

Target customers based on their preferences through owned and third-party channels (web, mobile, email, CRM, social media, etc.).

Message development

Group multiple creatives together to create compelling messages, regardless of the channel they're designed for.

Metric measurement & tracking

Choose metrics to measure and track success as your customers move through journeys or use different touchpoints.

Creative development & management

Build enaging creative with our easy-to-use tools, which let you add DAM assets, create HTML messages and import treatments from other applications.

Customer journey triggering

Select specific events to trigger a customer journey (cart abandonment, add to basket, form submit, etc.).


Start small and scale journeys as you continue to learn and grow.

Most nonprofits do personalization at some level, but we’ll be able to do more of it and in a more sophisticated way with SAS." The Nature Conservancy Katherine Bowen Director of Journey Management and Marketing Automation The Nature Conservancy

Create next best actions through testing & optimization

Use segment profiling to quickly determine which marketing aspects are working and which aren’t. Use A/B testing to identify unique customer segments and easily identify lapsing or high-propensity customers. Create ideal product mix offers and strategies to drive higher conversions for better follow-up messaging, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and retargeting efforts.

Test and learn to optimize results with the help of embedded AI and ML techniques.

Digital event detection

Detect meaningful customer behavioral events related to your business objectives as they happen, and apply sophisticated optimization to interactions in the moment.

Content personalization & testing

Find the best-performing content using A/B, multivariate and multi-arm bandit strategies.

Data-driven personalization

Don’t just guess. Use experimental test designs to affect customer conversion rates based on first-party data and real-time behaviors.

Automatic sample selection

Ensure proper control of group sizing by automatically selecting statistically significant sample sizes.

Offer optimization

Continually serve the best-performing creative content, calls-to-action and offer tactics without writing any code within consumer experiences.

Measuring impact

Select primary and secondary metrics to measure the performance of a test based on your marketing goals.

Insight reporting

Leverage insights in real time to understand how the test and variants are performing.

Transform insights into better marketing performance

Our embedded analytical capabilities provide a forward-looking view for better understanding customer behavior. Get to know the most significant business drivers, use goal-seeking routines and introduce attribution to determine optimal contact levels for enhanced customer engagement. You can track and respond to customer activities across multiple channels with the help of integrated data visualization and reporting. Quickly and easily understand what's going on through dashboards, interactive reports and self-service analytics.

Get a faster return on your investment.

Self-service data analytics

Easily create and share reports using our web-based reporting tool designed for business and marketing users, not data scientists.

Digital behavior

Understand how customers engage with different digital properties.

Campaign performance monitoring

Gain a deeper understanding of campaign effectiveness by examining response data and contact history data.

Real-time reporting

Monitor activity as it happens using real-time reports.

Real-time event triggers

Better define user behavior and action using events to trigger a task, set a goal or define a segment.

Predictive models, forecasting & goal-seeking routines

Use predictive analytics to forecast the likelihood of achieving specific business goals by analyzing data from ongoing campaigns.

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Customer journey creation frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of integrating marketing planning and execution?

With SAS Customer Intelligence 360, marketing teams can easily integrate their planning and execution processes, ensuring that all marketing activities are aligned with the overall business goals and strategy. This level of integration gives you greater agility and adaptability, allowing you to:

  • Quickly respond to market changes, consumer trends and competitive dynamics.
  • Make better data-driven decisions to optimize campaigns, target audiences more effectively and measure campaign success.

How does SAS Customer Intelligence 360 help marketers manage customer journeys?

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 makes it easy to create personalized, omnichannel customer journeys with its intuitive drag-and-drop editor and unified interface.

  • You can easily connect tasks and conditions, personalize messages and tailor journeys to specific metrics.
  • This data-driven approach to customer journey optimization helps you get better results by engaging customers more effectively and driving more conversions.

How does SAS Customer Intelligence 360 support testing throughout the customer journey?

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 makes it easy for you to test different versions of content, offers and journey-based interactions across multiple channels to see what works best.

  • Easily create and launch A/B/n tests, track the results and make data-driven decisions about which variations to use. Our embedded A/B/n testing functionality helps you target your content and offers more effectively and create more personalized customer journeys.
  • Automated segmentation helps you identify the most promising customers for future campaigns. You can easily segment your customer base by a variety of factors, such as demographics, interests and purchase history.
  • Our multi-armed bandit testing feature uses machine learning to constantly evaluate the performance of different variations of content, offers and journey-based interactions. Customers are then assigned to the variations that are most likely to be successful for them. This helps ensure that the most effective variations are shown to the most customers.

What types of personalization does Customer Intelligence 360 support?

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 helps you create personalized customer experiences across all digital touchpoints, including websites, mobile apps, and third-party technologies. Using SAS Customer Intelligence 360, you can:

  • Add a personal touch to customer communications by including the customer's name and relevant behavioral information, which increases customer engagement and improves the customer experience.
  • Segment customers based on demographics, interests and purchase history. Once customers have been segmented, you can distribute tailored creatives to each segment.
  • Deliver customized recommendations based on user behavior and specific product interactions.

How does SAS Customer Intelligence 360 support visualizations and reporting?

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides the tools you need to visualize and report on your data, so you can extract valuable insights and communicate your findings effectively.

  • Use out-of-the-box reports to analyze key metrics and get a comprehensive view of your data.
  • The platform seamlessly integrates with your preferred reporting technology, so you can use the tools you're already familiar with to visualize and report on your data. This added flexibility gives you the power to choose the reporting solution that best meets your needs.
  • And because SAS Customer Intelligence 360 supports real-time data streaming, you can always get the most up-to-date information about your customers.

Want to learn more about customer journey creation?

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