Build a successful media monetization strategy with a first-party ad server

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SAS 360 Match – Media Monetization

Adopt a flexible, open monetization framework

Monetizing your ad inventory means having the ability to blend programmatic bids from multiple exchanges to compete with directly sold inventory and products. By quickly selecting a winner from a variety of programmatic bids, you have more precise control over how bids from PMP, open auction and directly sold sources compete. This translates into an improved content strategy and, ultimately, a better revenue model.

Reduce operational costs while driving revenue.

Any format, any platform

Originate and monetize linear programming and video-on-demand content for all media clients – any ad format, any platform.

Server-to-server second auction pre-bid support

Receive the fastest direct connection to SSPs with a direct evaluation of your direct-sold inventory against multiple bids from SSPs in the engine at serve time.

PMP support for non-impression goal media & guaranteed impressions

Configure controlled competition settings on a tier level.

Real bid comparisons

Compare true prices among agencies that offer discounts and SSPs that charge overhead.

Parallel bid support for multiple sizes or transparency

Use alternate size support to bid on multiple sizes individually to DSPs, or determine what inventory is available.

Built-in prebid server support

Connect your organization’s prebid server to our built-in server-to-server support and direct-sold inventory.

Dynamic or fixed floor prices

Update your floor prices with time targets or dynamic competition with directly booked ads.

Gain full control of your monetization methods

With owned authority over your advertising space for both direct sales and third-party monetization partners, monetizing ads across various platforms – including advertising video on demand (AVOD) and hybrid video on demand (HVOD) – has never been easier.

Increase revenue via a clearer picture into ad forecasting, placement and conversion – all based on first-party audience data.

Flexible origination solutions

Maximize audience monetization with flexible origination solutions for all screens and formats.

Sales process management

Manage your sales process from RFP to signed IO in our systems. Refine and reserve line items before converting the campaign to be managed by a trafficker.

Precision simulation-based forecasting

Estimate and manage your inventory with full confidence. Identify and sell valuable small pockets of inventory.

Inventory management

Reserve inventory based on the likelihood of sales. Configure a setting to manage valuable direct media buys and competition in your sales teams.

Contending flights

View contending flights and empower your sales team with quick answers about sold inventory that might prevent your business from getting the inventory that it needs.

Alert framework

Manage rules and approvals with ease.

RFP & IO generation

Create branded exports for your media buys, with flexible assignment of terms and conditions.

Sales team support

Simplify working with multiple sales teams by refining each team’s access to a subset of your traffic, tiers and reporting.

Eliminate the need for third-party tracking data

As data deprecation nears and consumer privacy tightens, now is the time to create a strong zero- and first-party data monetization strategy. SAS 360 Match integrates with programmatic providers to create a repeatable framework for revenue growth. Its flexible, scalable platform matches peak viewing periods to deliver billions of advertising videos simultaneously.

Make advertising a profit center by assigning monetary value to zero- and first-party audience data.

First-party advertising

Provide first-party ad serving for your properties, with the option to manage multiple domains for ad serving and delivery.

Secure protocols

Create ad calls, data transfers and downloads over secure protocols. SAS 360 Match also supports HTTP2 for greater efficiency.

Category-level opt-out

Enable users to opt out of ad types or data collection.

User data descriptors

Use metadata to mark your data so you'll know where data is coming from and understand what it's being used for.

User preferences

Make "forget me" and user data requests with ease.

Short-term external mappings to internal IDs

Assign your advertisers a short-term expiring ID that maps to your internal ID.

Cookie-free operation

Choose to use a stable ID instead of cookies. All systems behave as if cookies were still enabled.

Fraud detection framework

Configure whitelists and blacklists for your fraud framework to tune our systems to your business needs.

This project has been a massive advance for REA. This was a unique business challenge that, without SAS' solution and consultants' expertise, would have been placed in the 'too hard' basket." REA Group Duncan Procter  Executive Manager, Technical Operations & Ad Operations  REA Group

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Solution Brief

Take control of your ad monetization strategy

Solution Brief

Build a successful monetization strategy


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Media monetization frequently asked questions

What type of media content can SAS help monetize?

  • SAS 360 Match can monetize all digital media formats.
  • This includes short- and long-form content across all channels – mobile phones to big-screen TVs – both live events and on demand.

How do you determine target audiences for media monetization?

  • SAS 360 Match integrates with other SAS solutions like a zero- and first-party customer data platform, as well as partner advertising solutions that provide access to second- and third-party data sources.
  • With the ability to then segment and create audiences from this data, you can create various audiences to target in your monetization efforts.

What data privacy and security certifications does your platform have?

  • SAS complies with all GDPR, CCPA, COPPA and FISC data regulations.
  • Additionally, SAS maintains an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, which applies to all policies, standards and procedures used pertaining to data.

Do you support both internal and external monetization strategies?

  • Yes. SAS can help you use your owned data to optimize consumer relationships and internal processes.
  • We can also help you externally monetize your data through anonymizing and then selling or exchanging collected consumer or industrial data.

What other technologies does SAS have that will help my monetization efforts?

SAS provides a complete scope of data management and quality, advanced analytics, and customer engagement technologies that brands use together to improve the customer experience while increasing operational efficiencies.

Want to learn more about media monetization?

We can help you get started with SAS 360 Match. Tell us a little about yourself and a SAS advertising expert will get in touch to learn about your specific needs.