SAS® Production Quality Analytics Features

Integration of all relevant data in an enterprise quality-centric data model

  • Parts-movement data.
  • Measurement data.
    • Continuous measures.
    • Categorical measures.
  • Equipment data.
  • Supplier-quality data.
  • Environmental data.
  • Cost attributes.
  • Organizational data.

Supports multiple data storage options

  • SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server.
  • Apache Hadoop.

Automated monitoring & alerting

  • Parts-movement data.
  • Measurement data.
  • Genealogy data.
  • Process data.
  • Asset condition data.

Predictive modeling

  • Decision trees.
  • Neural networks.
  • Regression analysis.
  • Clustering.

Advanced analysis workspace

  • Pareto charts.
  • Control charts.
  • Histograms.
  • Distribution analysis.
  • Design of experiments.
  • Regression and curve fitting.
  • Path analysis.

Workflow & case management

  • Corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) workflows.
  • Case-management documentation.

Reporting & KPI dashboards with drillable alerts

  • KPI dashboard.
  • Web-based reports.
  • Web-based graphs.

Custom analysis framework

  • Flexible framework to support any stored processes in the SAS Quality Analytic Suite UI.
    • Handles user interactions.
    • Surfaces and manages outputs.
    • Persists status between sessions.
    • Supports independent and dependent stored processes.
    • Capability analysis as a "blueprint."

Seamless integration with the full SAS® Quality Analytic Suite 6.2, including SAS® Field Quality Analytics & SAS® Asset Performance Analytics

  • Common code base and data model simplify enterprisewide operational improvements and allow a modular approach to adding analytics capability as the organization matures.