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Ad Inventory Management

Increase advertising ROI through optimization and automation.

How SAS Delivers Ad Inventory Management

SAS offers scalable, open and flexible solutions engineered to manage complex ad sales processes and generate value for your teams. Our advanced analytics and data management capabilities optimize pricing decisions and inventory control to maximize each advertising dollar.

Digital inventory forecasting

  • Integrate capacity/availability forecasts into your sales planning tool to enable real-time proposal building.
  • Monitor line items with high sellout/high overlap in real time to anticipate delivery risk.
  • Easily aggregate reporting on capacity for and delivery of successful content.
  • Generate scenario analyses for impression lifts based on response to content.
  • Look at high/low sellout situations across your portfolio and adjust sales strategies accordingly.
  • Minimize risk by integrating seasonality, past performance, channel, etc., into forecasts.

Ad server & campaign management

  • Create individualized customer experiences.
  • Activate data and analytics from multiple sources across different channels to serve dynamic creative in real time.
  • Create targeted custom segments and 1-to-1 communications while adhering to consumer preferences and privacy requirements in each decision on every spot.

Demand forecasting & price optimization

  • Forecast demand and sellout within and across markets.
  • Create advertiser segment profiles.
  • Forecast revenue by market and by industry.
  • Detect causal factors, such as economic indicators, special events, discounts or campaign attributes that may contribute to revenue drops/lifts.
  • Use demand forecasts as inputs for sophisticated price optimization models.

Why do TMT companies choose SAS® for ad inventory management?

SAS has a proven track record helping TMT organizations across the globe achieve their revenue potential – over 80% of the world’s largest publicly held communications and media companies use SAS. By applying our world-class advanced analytics to large, complex data sets, our solutions deliver insights on how to best monetize content.

Gain incremental ad dollars using advanced analytics

Generate on-demand ad packages to help ad planners better meet buying requirements for desired audiences. Produce accurate viewership forecasts and improve advertising ROI with optimized inventory and rate card pricing.

Incorporate past & future events into your forecasting & optimization processes

Generate accurate viewership forecasts, optimize your ad inventory and pricing, and deliver targeted advertising to the right customer segments.

Account for seasonality & special events unique to each network, program, demographic, etc.

SAS offers the widest array of machine learning, AI, forecasting and optimization techniques running in a scalable, open and flexible environment that supports a multitude of data variations, constraints and business rules.

  • SAS Software Used

    How does one of the strongest media companies in the Czech Republic use analytics to grow its business?

    MAFRA media group uses SAS 360 Match, which has enabled the company to:

    • Increase programmatic advertising profits by 10%.
    • Speed up campaign processes with a fast, reliable, easy to administrate solution.
    • Professionalize its publishing practices.
  • How does one of North America's leading media companies accurately forecast digital inventory?

    SAS is using digital inventory forecasting capabilities to help the company:

    • Provide accurate forecasts for digital ad products and media planning while accounting for seasonality and programming events.
    • Flag forecasting issues and alert the media planner – e.g., if impressions are sold and website traffic trends downward, the media planner can understand why and proactively manage the situation.
    • Incorporate guards in the process to reduce oversell and undersell and follow an ongoing health-check process to provide alerts on in-flight campaigns.
  • How does one of the largest station groups in North America accurately forecast demand within and across markets?

    SAS provided the company with world-class demand forecasting capabilities, enabling it to:

    • Generate accurate demand forecasts across all inventory classes and stations.
    • Provide guidance to local TV stations on predicted sell-out with current pricing.
    • Accurately predict which advertisers will be increasing or decreasing ad revenue at which time.
    • Automate reporting and alert capabilities to identify which inventory is likely to be under- and oversold.

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