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SAS/QC® Software

Powerful tools that support quality improvement across entire organizations


  • Handle large volumes of data from multiple processes. SAS/QC can operate on virtually any data source and runs across most computing platforms. With the ability to monitor multiple processes and integrate a wide variety of data, you gain a more complete picture of enterprisewide quality improvement efforts. This enables you to maintain consistent standards and use all information that is collected to make better decisions.
  • Identify the root causes of problems. It’s not enough to simply recognize that you have a quality problem. You have to find the cause of the problem to determine how to fix it. SAS/QC enables users to discover root causes of problems and goes beyond basic process control to provide more complex statistical analyses—all enabling you to create more efficient, cost-effective processes.
  • Design experiments to improve products or processes. SAS/QC provides powerful tools and a guided user interface for designing experiments and managing the experimental process. A point-and-click environment is designed for engineers and researchers who can benefit from an interface for each stage of the experimental design process, from building designs and determining significant effects to optimisation and reporting.
  • Assess product reliability. Graphical and statistical tools benefit reliability engineers and industrial statisticians working with product life data and system repair data. They also benefit workers in other fields, such as medical research, pharmaceuticals, social sciences and business, where survival and recurrence data are analyzed.
  • Create insights that drive competitive advantage. SAS/QC provides a depth and breadth of tools for statistical quality improvement not found in other software packages. SAS enables you to go beyond the basic to create insights that drive competitive advantage.

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