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SAS/OR® Software

Optimize business processes and address management science challenges

SAS/OR software provides a powerful array of optimisation , project scheduling and simulation techniques to identify the actions that will produce the best results, while operating within resource limitations and tight restrictions. It enables organizations to consider more alternative actions and scenarios, and determine the best allocation of resources and the best plans for accomplishing goals.


  • Identify and distribute the best answers to complex planning problems.
  • Build models interactively and experiment with the effects of changes to underlying data.
  • Incorporate more data, more easily.
  • Plan, manage and track, project and resource schedules through a single integrated system.
  • Generate quicker answers to large, real-world problems.
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  • Mathematical optimisation .
  • Project and resource scheduling.
  • Interactive mathematical modeling and solution environment.
  • Discrete event simulation.
  • Genetic algorithms and constraint programming.
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SAS gives us a world-class platform. When we're asked by a major client to help improve their sales force effectiveness in 17 countries, we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

— Nev Skelton,

Vice President for Sales Force Effectiveness in Europe, Middle East and Asia,

IMS Health


SAS/OR software's powerful production and distribution optimisation capabilities are displayed in a Web-based demonstration.

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How SAS Is Different

  • SAS/OR offers the broadest available spectrum of operations research modeling and solution techniques, and includes state-of-the-art advancements in mathematical optimisation . With SAS/OR you gain the knowledge you need to answer the complex business questions that occur every day.
  • With SAS you can derive greater insights into the factors that affect your business and processes so you can make better decisions and produce optimal results.
  • Incorporating operations research analytics not only adds structure and repeatability to decision-making processes, it can optimize your BI investments to deliver the competitive edge.

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